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iPad Launches Across the UK

Gordon Kelly


iPad Launches Across the UK

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This story was rather inevitable... if somewhat delayed: Apple has today officially launched the iPad in the UK.

I say "officially" because, as many of you will know, a number of pre-order customers received their iPads yesterday - a nice surprise following the initial delay when Apple had originally hoped to have the iPad in UK by the end of April.

What more is there to say about the iPad that hasn't already been said? Well if you still haven't made your mind up about Apple's big iPod touch check out our iPad review and video review, while it was also the topic of our first TrustedReviews podcast (#2 is coming tomorrow folks, yes featuring yours truly!). Meanwhile Andy will be comparing WiFi and 3G WiFi iPad versions early next week and he already has some suggestions for things Apple should include in a second generation iPad. Personally I'd suggest not making iPad owners wait months after iPhone users for iPhone OS 4.0 would be a good start.

Cost? Prices aren't exactly cheap with the 16GB WiFi only entry level model setting you back an entry level laptop-ish £429 and topping out at £699 for a 64GB WiFi 3G model. That said, until HP's talk of a webOS tablet bears fruit there's nothing really comparable on the market.

So who is coughing up the cash and who is ready to make fun of those people for doing so...?

In related news the Wall Street Journal reports Time Warner and NBC Universal have to Apple they are sticking with Flash and have no plans to move to HTML5. The moves echo that of Hulu which made a similar statement earlier this month.

The most likely reasoning behind their decisions is HTML5 doesn't support DRM and as we know, corporates just love their DRM...

Update: If all the links above weren't enough, Andy has now published the TrustedReviews iPad buyers guide comparing the WiFi and WiFi 3G models and navigating the different network data plans available.

Link: iPad Product Page

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