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iPad Launched In The US

Gordon Kelly


iPad Launched In The US

Because I'm sure you need yet another article telling you the big tech story of the week, we'll keep coverage down to this single post: today the Apple iPad launches in the US.

At this stage just the WiFi-only version of the iPad will be available, with prices starting from $499 for the 16GB edition and rising to $699 for the most capacious 64GBer. 3G enabled models will launch in 'late April', which is believed to be inline with international release dates.

Early feedback suggests what we had expected since it was first announced: that the iPad will split opinions. I've already listed the host of negatives in my iPad guide, but in on the plus side reviews confirm it is far faster than even the iPhone 3GS, the LED backlit screen is just as responsive as its dinkier siblings and the first wave of apps are nicely optimised for the larger screen - though they are considerably more expensive.

The bigger question still being asked, however, is: do you need it? An enhanced iPhone, but without the functionality of a netbook and coming in at a similar price and weight, that certainly is debatable.

Then again, Apple products are rarely purchased based purely on logic and I suspect most had already made up their minds whether to buy an iPad or not long before the critics had their say. Incredible Beautiful Amazing, perhaps not - but the iPad certainly has had the tech world talking...


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