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iPad 2 Official UK Pricing Revealed

David Gilbert


iPad 2 Official UK Pricing Revealed

When Steve Jobs launched the iPad 2 in San Francisco last month, everyone was impressed with the fact that Apple was keeping the price the same as its original tablet. What then, will the reaction be following the company’s announcement that the iPad 2 will be up to £40 cheaper in the UK than the original was when it went on sale?

Friday’s UK launch is fast approaching and if the US launch on 11 March is anything to go by, you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on one on launch day. And the clamour for the these 8.8mm thin devices will be even greater following Apple’s confirmation of the pricing of the iPad 2 on these shores. The WiFi-only iPad 2 16GB will set you back just £399 compared to the £429 price of the original. The 32GB version will be £479 compared to the £499 of the original while those looking at buying the largest 64GB iPad 2 will get the biggest reduction paying £559 compared to £599 for the original.

In relation to the iPad 2 WiFi + 3G model, the price cuts will also be available on these models with all versions costing £100 more than their WiFi-only siblings: - £499 (16GB), £579 (32GB) and £659 (64GB). The iPad 2 goes on sale here, and in 24 other countries worldwide, at 5pm on Friday evening in Apple Stores and selected Apple Authorised resellers. Those with an internet connection will be able to purchase the tablets from 1am from the Apple UK site.

The news of the price cut in the new iPads comes just a day after the CEA’s Director of Industy Analysis Steve Koenig told us that top Android tablets would not be able to compete with the iPad 2 on pricing, saying that you “pay several hundred dollars more for an ‘uncool’ product.” Yesterday we reported on RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook pricing which is pitched at the same price as the original iPad.

Apple has also released the price of the official cover, the Smart Cover, in the UK which will cost £35 for the polyurethane version and a hefty £65 for the “rich leather” model. The new GarageBand and iMovie apps for iPad will be available for £2.99 each.

Will the price cuts tempt you to fork out for the second generation iPad or will you continue to hope that a competitively priced Android alternative will appear from the crowd?

iPad 2 UK prices:

Wi-Fi only:

16GB: £399.00

32GB: £479.00

64GB: £559.00

Wi-Fi and 3G:

16GB: £499.00

32GB: £579.00

64GB: £659.00

Source: Apple UK

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