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iPad 2 Goes Into Production As Dell Announce Business Tablet

David Gilbert


iPad 2 In Production As Dell Announces New Tablet

Tablets, tablets, tablets is all we're hearing these days and today reports and announcements about/from two major players continues the trend. Reports suggest we could be seeing the iPad very soon while when we see Dell's Window's 7 slate is any one's guess.

With rumours that the iPad 2 was spotted at the launch of The Daily in New York last week, it seems as if it will be only a matter of weeks until we see Cupertino’s follow-up to its hugely successful tablet. Today comes more confirmation with a report in the Wall Street Journal that the iPad 2 has gone into production in some secret underground lair in Outer Mongolia. OK, so the last part was our own addition but the WSJ quotes “people familiar with the matter” as saying the iPad 2 is in production and is thinner and lighter than the first generation model.

Other previously speculated-upon features such as a FaceTime camera, a faster graphics processor and more memory are all mentioned by the WSJ’s sources. The sources also believe the rumour regarding a Retina-like display moving from the iPhone to the iPad is not a runner with the iPad 2’s resolution staying pretty much the same. We are looking at a potential announcement some time this month from Apple, with the tablet hitting stores in April.

Dell on the other hand is being right up front about its next tablet, following the somewhat lukewarm response to its Android-running Streak. It has announced that it will launch a 10in Windows 7 business-orientated tablet which will come to market at "some time" in 2011. It is unlikely the tablet will ever come to a store near you as it will be sold into commercial and business channels.

A mock up of Dell's new Windows 7 business tablet

The announcement came during the Dell Means Business event in San Francisco at which the company unveiled 39 new products. Among the plethora of new business models announced was the tablet/laptop combination Lattitude XT3 similar to the HP TouchSmart tm2-101ea.

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