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iOS 4 Spotify App Now Available

Andy Vandervell


iOS 4 Spotify App Now Available

As was discussed extensively in both our iPhone 4 review and iOS 4 Features review, if you want to multi-task using either then the applications you use must support it. One application that's been crying out for an update is Spotify, and that update has finally arrived!

Unsurprisingly the ability to multi-task is top of the list of features, but that's not all that's been added. Also new is the What's New tab, pictured above, which does exactly what it says on the tin - i.e. show you what's new. This is split into News Releases, Top Tracks, and a News Feed that shows you what your friends have been listening to most.

As ever the app is free to download, but to use it - and thus sync your offline music to your mobile phone over the air - you'll need to be a premium subscriber. For some unknown reason Spotify seems determined to charge money, and therefore make some! How very dare they!

Those interested in potential alternatives to Spotify should check out our recent Music Streaming Services Round-up.

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