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iOS 4.3 Offers Insight To iPad 2 and iPhone 5

David Gilbert


iOS 4.3 Offers Insight To iPad 2 and iPhone 5

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Within hours of the latest version of iOS being seeded to developers, videos and articles proclaiming new features coming to the next generation of iPad and iPhone were populating the internet

Apple seeded the first beta version of iOS 4.3 to developers over night and already it has been scoured for information regarding possible new features we could be seeing on the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. iOS 4.3 beta became available in versions for iPad, iPhone 4 and 3GS, and third- and fourth-generation iPod touch, as well as a separate download for the new Apple TV. This, it seems, means the end of further updates for the iPhone 3G and second-generation iPod touch.

One of the most intriguing rumours out there, which is even accompanied by a video, is the possibility of having four and five finger gestures on the iPad. The above video shows the user four-finger swiping from left/right to switch between multitasking apps. Meanwhile pinching with four or five fingers can return you to the home screen, which potentially removes the need for a physical home button. Apparently this is currently being tested deep in the bowels of Cupertino and could be seen in the iPad 2 later this year.

Earlier this week we reported on the new Verizon iPhone 4 being released in the US. One of the only differences between this and every other iPhone 4 was the ability to create a Personal Hotspot and iOS 4.3 will bring this functionality to all new Apple devices it seems. Increased AirPlay support will also be included allowing apps and websites to send videos from your iPhone and iPad to Apple TV.

A new feature, sure to delight many, is that Apple will now allow iPad owners to choose what the switch on the side of the tablet is actually used for. Initially used as a screen orientation lock, the 4.2 update changed it to a mute button, but Apple is now allowing its customers some choice for a change – which is nice.

Other pieces of information garnered from the beta version of iOS 4.3 include the addition of a camera for the iPad 2 (almost certainly), no increase in screen resolution on the iPad 2 (surely not), the ability to display larger ads (God, no), a new FaceTime icon (meh) and a Find My Friends feature which could be some form of location-based social platform (not another one).

Whatever the reality of these new features, we will only find out the full ability of the new iPhones and iPads when they are announced by Mr. Jobs over the coming months. Until then we will have to make do with conjecture and speculation it seems.

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