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iOS 4.2 Update Arrives for iPad and iPhone

David Gilbert


iOS 4.2 Update Arrives for iPad and iPhone

"It's here at last. Thank God almighty it's here at last." Paraphrasing Al Pacino in Carlito’s Way seemed to us like the best way to herald Apple’s announcement that the long awaited iOS 4.2 update is here - and with it the very handy Find My iPhone, iPad or iPod touch function.

Apple announced that iOS 4.2 would be available today, via iTunes 10, to download for iPad, iPhone4, 3GS and 3G as well as the iPod touch. Apple claims that iOS 4.2 will bring over 100 new features to the iPad, including multitasking, folders, a unified inbox, game center, AirPlay and AirPrint. The previous update, 4.1, was released in September.

Apple did include something a little surprising as part of today's update. Previously only available as part of Apple's premium MobileMe service ($100-a-year thank you very much), Find My iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) is sure to be something all iDevice owners will like - especially the more absent minded among them. The handy little function can find your missing iPhone on a map, allow you to post a message to its screen or remotely set a password lock, and lets you wipe the data remotely if the handset has been swiped. However on the last line of the release, Apple included a caveat {spotted by our eagle-eyed Gordon Kelly} which says: “*The free Find My iPhone feature is available for iPhone 4, iPad or new iPod touch (4th generation).” - and not even an apology to any 3GS owners out there.

“iOS 4.2 makes the iPad a completely new product, just in time for the holiday season,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “Once again, the iPad with iOS 4.2 will define the target that other tablets will aspire to, but very few, if any, will ever be able to hit.” Oh so modest Mr. Jobs, but we all know there are plenty of people out there who have a bullseye already painted around the Apple logo.

Anyway we’re sure that lots of people will be happy to finally have the update, especially iPad users who will find that multitasking quite handy. Some would question why it wasn’t available initially with the iPad, but we’re not those type of people. Really. iPhone 3GS users are also sure to be happy with the added functionality the update is supposed to bring considering the outcry among them following the iOS 4 launch during the summer.

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