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iControlPad Physical iPhone Game Controller to Use Bluetooth


iControlPad Physical iPhone Game Controller to Use Bluetooth

The iControlPad, a device nearing production that will bring physical gaming controls to the iPhone, has been delayed due to being forced to use Bluetooth rather than the dock connector.

The device is a snap-on game controller that you’ll place your iPhone inside, and thus provide it with PlayStation controller style controls complete with two analogue sticks, a D-Pad, and rear mounted triggers. It’s undeniably large and bulky, but does contain its own battery to help boost gameplay time and will remove the frustrations of the on screen controllers. The company has said that Android phones will also be supported through the use of different plastic brackets at the side.

However, the makers have been forced into a last minute change of plan, switching from the dock connector to Bluetooth, due to Apple requiring a licence for third-party devices that make use of the iPhone dock connector.

However, the iControlPad team now finds itself requiring help from developers that are familiar with Bluetooth support in iOS4, so if that’s you, be sure to get in touch with them.

Do hurry though, as we’re keen to try out the intriguing looking iControlPad, which could make touch screen phones far more satisfying to use as gaming machines, even if it does make them a little less portable.

Via: Slashgear.

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