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Huawei Matebook teased ahead of MWC unveiling


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Your next laptop/tablet?

Huawei has teased a new device ahead of MWC. And the smart money is on it being a laptop/tablet hybrid.

The teaser doesn't give much away. It was posted on Chinese social media site Weibo by Huawei's CEO, Yu Chengdong. "The new style of business," it reads, along with a stylus poking cheekily into frame.

As if there was any doubt, it then says "Product launch @ MWC 2016 Barcelona" and gives the time as 2pm on 21 February – that's Sunday.

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Huawei has been rumoured to have a hybrid up its sleeve for some time now. According to internet whispers, it will run both Windows and Android, giving you plenty of options for business and pleasure.

Like other hybrids, it's said to have a detachable keyboard and digital stylus. It's also thought to have an Intel chip at its heart.

Images of the device have also been posted to Weibo, such as the one at the top of this story. But they haven't been posted by Huawei, so remain very much filed under "leak" for now.

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This could all be cobblers, and Huawei could out a business phone instead. But flagship Huawei smartphones don't have styluses, so it would be a departure for the firm. And with images of the hybrid leaking, the odds are good on it being the star of its press conference.

Huawei is rumoured to have a few new smarties up its sleeve – but there are suggestions that these won't be seen at MWC.

Sunday is but five days away, so there isn't long to wait. Set a reminder in your calendars.

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