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HTC working to fix voice calling fault on HTC One M7



HTC plans to issue a fix for an issue preventing some owners of the HTC One M7 handset from placing and receiving calls.

A HTC spokesperson confirmed the problem to TechRadar, with a recent HTC Service Pack downloaded from the Google Play Store the presumed (but unconfirmed) culprit.

The firm says resolving the problem, which could also be affecting One M8 users, is its number one priority and has told customers to expect the roll out in the coming days.

The statement says: “We are aware that some HTC One M7 (and possibly some M8) users have recently been experiencing audio issues making network calls on their devices.

“WiFi calling does not seem to be impacted at this time. We're working around the clock with our technical teams and partners to resolve the issue as a number one priority.

“We will provide further updates as soon as we can. For anyone experiencing this issue with your HTC One (M7 or M8), you may want to try WiFi calling, and we ask that you please contact your local Customer Care: www.htc.com/support."

Speculation suggests the Service Pack may have caused the instability, but HTC isn’t offering up that information at this stage. As the original report points out, if you haven’t downloaded the update yet, it may be wise not to do so.

Is yours one of the handsets affected by the problem? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below.

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jess lawton

December 16, 2014, 6:30 am

Can't make or receive calls. Great if there is an emergency


December 16, 2014, 7:52 am

Cant make or receive calls..... not a happy camper! Maybe time to ditch HTC for Samsung. Shame, I have owned two HTC mobiles so far and have been happy but to not be able to use a phone for business is inexcusable.

James Rainsbury

December 16, 2014, 8:27 am

Yeah mine's the same, my phone will ring, I press answer and there's no sound, not even the usual crackly in call sort of noise... And can't make calls either. Not good!


December 16, 2014, 10:23 am

Just got off online support for the same issue. Here is what you need to do to resolve (at least it worked on my HTC One M7).

Step 1: Press and hold the Volume Down key.
Step 2:With the Volume key held down, press and hold the Power key till the phone switches off. Continue to hold both the volume down and power keys until the screen lights up again with a White Screen and Lots of writings
(It Should say 'LOCKED' at the top)
Step 3:When you see Three Android robots on skateboards,
Release the Power and Volume down key.
Then tap the Volume down key once to highlight RECOVERY
Press and release the Power key to Activate Recovery
Then screen will change to a series of backgrounds
Step 4: At the screen with a red triangle and a phone,
Hold the Volume Up key and press and release the power button.
Step 5: Use the volume down key to tap down to highlight WIPE CACHE PARTITION
Then tap the power key to select the Wipe Cache Partition.
You will see the yellow writing come up to confirm the Wipe Cache Partition
Step 6:After This has been completed,
Use the power key to reboot your phone.

It's good to be able to make and receive calls again :-)


December 16, 2014, 11:02 am

or temp quick fix....disable Google Services Framework.Reboot

or (better) go to Apps...Google Play services and also Google Services Framework , clear data and restart...

I don't know if this ruins your "Google life" but the M7 becomes a phone again..


December 16, 2014, 12:51 pm

If you are rooted......temp quick fix....disable Google Services Framework.Reboot

Or, clear Google frameworks services cache and Google play services cache.

It appears there is an update out there ,somewhere, for the rest of the stock M7's

Abraham Almosawi

December 16, 2014, 4:27 pm

Thanks Lockel, that's fixed it for me. Awesome fix. :-)


December 16, 2014, 6:27 pm

This has been happening to my phone for more than 2 months. I just reset and don't install ANY updates at all. Make sure auto up-dates is turned off everywhere. Until they fix it, it seems to be google play services that is causing it & a lot of updated apps require that to run. Not a problem if you keep all of the old apps until some fix comes out. Do not update any GOOGLE or HTC apps when you reset.


December 16, 2014, 9:33 pm

This started with my phone yesterday. Just done the reset twice as suggested by Lockel. Still no luck. Very very frustrating!


December 17, 2014, 12:04 am

This has been going on for over a week


December 17, 2014, 3:02 am

This didn't work for me. Called HTC and they walked me through disabling Google services framework, which has worked.
Settings/ Power/ uncheck Fast boot
Then back to Settings/ Apps/ swipe across to the "All" tab/
Scroll down to Google services framework and select/
Force stop/ then Disable/ then Clear data/
Lastly Restart the phone and make a test call.
An annoying pop-up keeps appearing telling me that Google services is disabled. HTC tech said just keep hitting OK. This is a temporary fix until HTC provide a software update and Google services can be deactivated. Until then I have to put up with the pop-up.


December 17, 2014, 6:31 pm

I'm having the issue with my phone as well. Went through all the steps with HTC (and also TMobile) tech support- so twice. This did not work- they suggest a factory reset - but I haven't had time to back up my phone in order to do so-- having issues with HTC Sync Manager. Also, Wi Fi calling does not work either. I've been having the issue for a week. My husband has same phone and is also having the same issues.

joe picha

December 20, 2014, 10:07 am

I tried lockels fix but no luck.

A. Mir

December 20, 2014, 6:31 pm

This is not something new. I've been experiencing this for a couple of months now and it happens periodically. Sometimes I can get through the other end and sometimes I can't. It's VERY frustrating and I hope HTC will fix this ASAP.

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