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HTC Teams Up With Beats Audio

David Gilbert


Beats by Dr. Dre

HTC was planning on making a “major announcement” this afternoon but unfortunately for it, Beats Electronics let the cat out of the bag a bit early and announced the smartphone manufacturer had purchased a 51 per cent stake in the company for $309 million.

HTC has previously indicated that it will be releasing up to eight new phones in Q3 and following the collaboration between Beats and HTC, it is clear that some of these new phones will be integrated with Beats sound technology.

Beats HTC

“This partnership with HTC represents the next phase of our vision, placing the utmost importance on giving smart phone fans the opportunity to hear the highest-quality of sound possible,” a blog post from Beats said.

Beats Electronics, founded by Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, will continue to operate autonomously, and will continue to work with its current partners, most famously HP and its line of laptops integrated with Beats technology.

What phones will be getting the Beats treatment is still a mystery and HTC may be ready to unveil one or all of them later on today, but for now all we know is that they will be coming this autumn – so keep your ears open for them.

Source: Beats Electonics


August 11, 2011, 7:15 pm

This can only be a good thing. AFAIK, audio has never been a strong suit for HTC handsets. At least now they're actually throwing cash at improving their audio output. Now that HTC have a stake in Beats, they have a financial incentive for making sure the quality of their phones lives up to the Beats branding. OK, it's not Grado or B&W, but it's more than most smartphones can claim.


August 12, 2011, 5:47 am

HTC's higher end handsets already feature Dolby and SRS technology so I'm not so sure about the assertion above. This has as much to with Beats Audio brand awareness that HTC are hoping to be associated with than any supposed improved sound quality they may offer. My 15 year old niece knows about Beats Audio and yet nothing about the old Sennheiser's I'm offering her.

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