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HTC Sensation XE Is First With Beats Audio

David Gilbert


HTC Sensation XE Is First With Beats Audio

HTC has unveiled the first handset which will take advantage of its recent partnership with Beats Audio, the updated and acoustically souped-up HTC Sensation XE.

The HTC Sensation was launched back in May but the Taiwainese company is obviously looking to capitalise on its new partnership with this latest launch.

While the baked-in Beats Audio technology and branded in-ear headphones will grab the headlines, they are not the only additions to this updated handset. HTC has also included a beefed-up 1.5GHz processor – up from the 1.2GHz chip seen in the original Sensation - which it says will improve performance and battery life.

While the details of exactly how HTC and Beats are going to deliver “studio quality” audio from the phone are unclear, this is what they are promising through a combination of hardware and software. The new Sensation XE will also feature a snazzy red stripe around the edge of the phone and a Beats logo on the back cover, so everyone who sees it will know which version of the Sensation you own.

HTC Sensation XE

“Audio is a crucial part of any consumer’s mobile experience and we are continually pushing the audio boundaries to encompass not only improved voice but music, movies and games,” said Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales and marketing, HTC Corporation. “The HTC Sensation XE offers a truly incredible experience that demonstrates our commitment to place consumers at the center of their mobile worlds.”

When you plug in the accompanying Beats by Dr. Dre earphones, the handset automatically switches to the bespoke Beats by Dr. Dre sound profile, delivering audio tracks tuned specifically for the headphones - which should save us having to tinker around to get the best sound.

The HTC Sensation XE will be available in Europe and Asia later this month and we'll let you know as soon as we hear back from networks regarding pricing and availability.


September 14, 2011, 6:42 pm

What if you already have a decent set of headphones ..

David Gilbert

September 14, 2011, 7:40 pm

I presume you're talking about the automatic calibration when the Beats are plugged in. Well we're not sure. HTC has only issued a brief statement and not given much in the way of specs. I imagine the new Sensation will bring better audio to all headphones but will be optomised for the Beats. We'll probably have to wait and see when we get a review sample in.

Luan Bach

September 14, 2011, 8:44 pm

What are the chances that they will be 'calibrated' to sound worse than the Beats ? :-)

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