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HTC One M9 extensively detailed in trio of leaked videos


HTC One M9 extensively detailed in trio of leaked videos

Days before its official unveiling at MWC 2015, a series of videos posted online on Tuesday appear to show the HTC One M9 in all its glory.

The official-looking clips, originally posted by Upleaks (and later removed over claims they were 'too dangerous' to leave up), almost certainly offer an extensive look at the new flagship and detail a host of specs and features.

The three videos last just under four minutes in total, with the first offering an overview of the device, the second showcasing the new Themes feature and the final clip focusing on the new camera.

According to the videos (ripped and re-posted by a viewer and viewable below), HTC One M9 users will benefit from a rear-facing 20-megapixel camera and an Ultrapixel selfie cam offering greater lower light performance. There’ll also be a new photo editing app, which allows users to get more creative with their snaps.

The video reveals the HTC BoomSound speaker tech has now been infused with Dolby Audio Surround, while a 3-finger swipe will make it easy for users to stream video or music to connected devices.

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In terms of software it’ll also give users better contextual information. The HTC Sense Home widget software will use location data to offer different home screens depending on whether the user is at work or home.

The BlinkFeed feature has been updated to give users suggestions when mealtimes roll around, while users will be able to have better control over how their home screens look with the new Themes tool detailed in the second clip.

The leak comes less than a week before HTC plans to showcase its new flagship device on Sunday night at MWC 2015 in Barcelona. Will HTC have anything left to show off when its press event rolls around?

We’ll be there to find out.


February 24, 2015, 9:57 pm

Pretty similar to the previous one.....


February 25, 2015, 9:42 am

I will never fully understand the apparent eagerness for some manufacturers to slap their brand logo on the front of their devices at the expense of the design (remember the M7 with the completely and utterly hamfisted control array due to insistence of inclusion of the logo)...

Brand names/logos like that serve as advertisements for the company, nothing more. A friend/stranger sees you using the device, thinks "that looks like a nice device, who makes it?" and then sees the brand name.

The owner of the device KNOWS who makes it, because they bought the damn thing. The front should fade into insignificance because the screen is what matters. Someone asks who makes it, you hold up the back, not twist the front round to show!



February 25, 2015, 11:05 am

I thought their last phone in design times was a gaudy bmw looking phone, this one indeed looks just the same.

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