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HTC One crowned 2013 TrustedReviews Phone of the Year

Luke Johnson


HTC One named 2013 TrustedReviews Phone of the Year

The HTC One has put the Taiwanese smartphone maker firmly back on the map, and now the leading Android handset has been crowned Phone of the Year at the 2013 TrustedReviews Awards.

In one of the closest fought categories of the year’s awards, the HTC One saw off stiff competition from a range of Android rivals, as well as Apple’s latest smartphone offering.

Having been first unveiled back in February in the days leading up to MWC 2013, the HTC One is far from the most recent, or indeed specs impressive handset currently doing the rounds, but is a phone which has changed the smartphone sector for good as one of the first truly desirable and high-end Android phones.

A category which split the judges’ decisions, the HTC One narrowly came out victorious against runners ups the iPhone 5S and Android 4.4 KitKat introducing Google Nexus 5. As well as playing host to a highly desirable brushed metal design, the HTC One has been bestowed with a bevy of premium innards with a 4.7-inch Full HD display lining up alongside a 1.7GHz quad-core processor.

What’s more, the company’s Sense UI has helped create one of the most user-friendly and intuitive smartphone experiences around.

“It’s not surprising that the most hotly contested and closely matched category at this year’s awards was the Phone of the Year,” TrustedReviews Editor Evan Kypreos stated.

Like 12 Angry Men the decision pulled and swayed from one phone to the other. It was agreed that the iPhone 5S is probably the best all-rounder and the Nexus 5 is a fantastic phone for the money, but the fact that the HTC One finally proved once and for all that Android phones can be slick and hugely desirable gave it the edge.”

While the HTC One has been crowned the 2013 TrustedReviews Phone of the Year, attention has already turned to its replacement, with a number of HTC One 2 rumours currently doing the rounds.

Tipped to make the jump to a larger 5-inch display, the HTC One 2 is expected to pair its 1080p Full HD panel with Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat OS and a new quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU.

Earlier this week we confirmed that the PS4 had beaten the Xbox One to take the title of the 2013 Console of the Year while the iPad Air was announced as Tablet of the Year. Yesterday GTA 5 was named Game of the Year.

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December 19, 2013, 2:33 pm

Seems about right to me - it's a great phone and it is the only device that rivals the iPhone for design kudos.

The argument whether they should be trying to is another matter entirely...aluminium bodies are nice buuuut would you rather have a Moto G style protective cover/back plate?

That aside, glorious screen, massive internal storage and (the surprise for me) staggeringly good speakers which mean you can watch stuff in bed/game/listen to music in your hotel at a level no other phone can muster.

The only let down? The camera - it didn't live up the hype.


December 19, 2013, 8:51 pm

>> The only let down? The camera - it didn't live up the hype.

It might not have lived up to the hype, but we took our little lad to Lapland (Finland). And because there are only a few hours daylight at this time of year, the HTC One low light prowess came in very handy.

My wife's iPhone4, that I still believe is a great camera really struggled here. Because of the low light I even saw people with what looked like SLR type camera's struggling.

The only real problem I initially had was with focusing, a manual focus option on the HTC would be nice, although changing the shutter option to "Touch to Capture" seemed to help here. Also when really cold focusing seemed to be worse, it was -25 degree C, at the time though.

Oh, talking of cold weather, when it was -25 the battery power went down to red really quick, but after getting back in the bus and warming up the phone, it went back to 50%.

Lastly, one area were some reviewers thought was a gimmick I use the most, Blinkfeed, in fact we had some flooding near us a couple of weeks ago, and the first I even knew about it was via Blinkfeed & the Facebook link, to me it's a great way to keep abreast of things. Maybe TR could get a feed created.. :)


December 20, 2013, 9:51 am

Don't get me wrong, the Camera is great in low light - best on the market at the moment? Well, aside from Nokia's pureview monster, yes, probably.

But it's not a very good all round camera in my opinion - it's metering is really poor so shots are often over exposed and the chromatic aberration in HDR mode is really poor (bearing in mind that you most often use HDR to help reveal areas that appear dark where other areas are well lit).

The battery behaviour doesn't surprise me in temperatures like that either - limitations of the tech and all that.

Blink feed is something I've disabled since the first week I've owned it - I found it too distracting in the sense that I'd go on my phone to do one thing and then spend 10 mins doing something else. I can see why it is useful but it's not really my cup of tea. HTC were wise to make it optional though, that's the correct approach.


December 20, 2013, 2:00 pm

Oh, I agree for good lighting shots other phones will do way better. I think my point was if it was not for the Ultra-Pixel I would have had no useful shots at all in Lapland. Also I'm not sure the pureview would be any better as pixel binning doesn't give you more light, Luckily my wife has the iPhone for good lighting, and I have the HTC for low light. Hopefully other phone manufactures will consider low light a bit more, and not just mega pixels.


December 20, 2013, 2:04 pm

I see your point there - it is good for Low Ambient light that's for sure. If you are having to use the LED flash then the iPhone 5S definitely nails it better (due to the colour of the light produced).

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