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HTC might be planning to pimp out Sense Home screen


HTC Sense ads

The HTC Sense Home screen on your smartphone may soon become a billboard, if speculation on Monday is to be believed.

The Upleaks Twitter account has posted screenshots (via 9to5Google) showing ads and promoted content on the Highlights screen, which is designed to collate all of the information users care about.

The screenshots feature what appears to be a Google Play link for the Clash of Clans game and an ad prompting users to buy the HTC Re action camera.

The screenshots, believed to be from an internal presentation, say the “HTC Monetisation Plan” will “generate revenues with sponsored apps” and offer “HTC Auto Promotions to drive sales.”

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The feature hasn’t rolled out to HTC’s range of Android phones yet, but the would-be @evleaks successor says Sense Home version 7.1, which shipped on May 6, already has the ad frame work built-in.

Given HTC Sense is a love it or loathe it interface, it’s difficult to see how the company’s rumoured move will please users of its top line smartphones.

However, given dwindling sales of its devices and a underwhelming launch of the HTC One M9, the Taiwanese firm needs to explore more ways to bring home the bacon.

Would ads appearing on the supposed ‘highlights’ page encourage you to ditch HTC Sense once and for all? Let us know your thoughts below.


May 11, 2015, 7:24 pm

I happily use the Blinkfeed home screen everyday, as I have since I bought the phone 2 years ago... but if they infect it with ads - yes I will ditch it.
The phone has been a good servant, only recently seeming to glitch and stutter, and I've got the dreaded purple camera taint in low light. I've loved the boom sound speakers, though so I thought I'd stick with it for a while yet... but this will tempt me to either drop a custom ROM on it, or go upgrade to a Samsung S6.

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