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HP To Sell Pre 3 For £49

David Gilbert


HP To Sell Pre 3 For £49

HP is looking to get out of the consumer electronics market and fast. Following on the rush to purchase cut price TouchPads yesterday, similar scenes are likely with news that HP’s last ever phone, the Pre 3, will go on sale for a ludicrously low price of £49.

Yesterday’s fire sale of the TouchPad, costing just £89 at some retailers, showed HP that the best way to get rid of its stockpile of now-redundant webOS devices is to cut the price massively.

The Pre 3 has had a long road to market since we first saw it back at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last February. It was since been spotted in various places but has yet to go on sale to the public.

HP Pre 3 £49

Now news from the United States suggests that HP will be selling the handsets at the hugely discounted price of £49 - £250 less than it’s quoted SIM-free less than a week ago.

IT was only last week that HP announced the shock news that it was planning on shelving its range of webOS-based smartphones and tablets. Yesterday HP announced the TouchPad would go on sale for £89 and within minutes of it going on sale, it sold out.

There has been no official announcement from HP regarding which retailers will be selling the HP Pre 3 at the discounted price.

HP Pre 3 £49

Should you manage to get your hands on one, then you’ll get a 3.6in WVGA touchscreen with slide-out portrait QWERTY keyboard, a 1.4GHz Qualcomm MSM 8x55 CPU, a 1230 mAh battery and 512MB DRAM and a 5 megapixel camera, which is a whole lot of phone for just £49.

Of course, you’ll also get what could be a collector’s item in a few years – a webOS phone. And together with your £89 TouchPad, you should have all your mobile needs covered for the tasty price of £138.

Let us know if you think a Pre 3 for £49 is a bargain, or is it too little too late from HP?

Via: The Telegraph


August 23, 2011, 10:18 pm

This is what HP should have done with the Pre 2 ages ago. Cheap prices to get the OS out there and have people begging for more. Then they shouldn't have spent ages on the pre 3 and just sodded the 1.4GHz chip for a dual core much earlier (guessing yields were poor or something).

The whole thing has been a farce and HP quite rightly has paid with it's share price. A big company like that has no excuse for such marketing ineptitude or such long delays. There is also no excuse for the touchpad being rushed out with the OS running slowly and not optimized for tablet use. Whoever was in charge of that shambles should lose their job.

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