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HP Updates EliteBook and ProBook line up

David Gilbert


HP Refreshes Business Range

Earlier today we reported on HP’s updating of its consumer offerings and it has now announced new models to its business line up.


First up is the 12.1in EliteBook 2760p convertible tablet, an update of the current-generation 2740p. The major change is under the hood where the 2760p offers, you’ve guessed it, Sandy Bridge chips. Customizable with Core i5 or Core i7 processors, the convertible tablet promises a 5.5 hour battery life from the standard six-cell battery. The EliteBook 2760p comes with a free stylus – free, that is, once you’ve stumped up the $1,500 for the Windows 7 tablet/notebook. The 2760p is on sale now and will offer a more enterprise-level option than the consumer focused Dell Inspiron Duo released last year.

Next up is the 12.5in EliteBook 2560p laptop – again an update of the 12.1in 2540p. The 2560p is encased in a tough aluminum and magnesium alloy body. It also gets some Sandy Bridge love and HP are selling the laptop on the fact that it’s the only model of its size on the market that comes with a built-in optical drive. As with the 2760p, the 2560p comes with HDD and SSD options to help with speed and battery life. It will go on sale on 23 May for $1,100.


Finally HP has unveiled the 13.3in ProBook 5330m which is attempting to bridge the gap between the ugly workstation laptops and the sleeker consumer laptops on the market. Helping to attract the style conscious workers will be the ProBook's two tone aluminum body, backlit keyboard, Sandy Bridge Core i3 or i5 options and it even has the Beats Audio seen in all HP’s consumer models, while for the security conscious there is also TPM circuitry. These laptops are on sale now starting at $800.

As with the consumer models we looked at earlier today, we are waiting to hear back from HP regarding UK pricing and release dates.

Ala Miah

May 9, 2011, 7:19 pm

Poor image editing and they don't even link to the correct images!

UK release is June and Prices range from £499, £699 and £1,199 excluding VAT!


May 9, 2011, 7:49 pm

Oh joy, another thing for our devs to fix.

Ollie Williams

May 10, 2011, 12:30 pm

I'm really glad HP are finally turning out some pretty hardware but I hope their build quality has improved as well as over the last few years their laptops especially have been a bit hit and miss. Not sure all that brushed ali was needed though, i prefer the understated look.

As a usability engineer can i also add something I've just noticed. When viewing the link to this article in the list of news it suggests there are two comments. Upon viewing the comments section within the article itself there is a nice label showing '1 comment'. It transpires that Ed's reply is listed as a comment in some parts of the site and not in others. It's also not particularly obvious that there are replies to a comment and the 'play' icon doens't seem particluarly fitting. I should mention I've been following TR for years now and I often won't buy something if TR hasn't rated it, but areas of this site do need some work.

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