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HP Folio 13 Ultrabook Promises 9Hr Battery

David Gilbert


HP Folio 13 Ultrabook Promises 9Hr Battery

HP has joined the Ultrabook revolution by launching the Folio 13 which feautres decent connectivity and specs without breaking the bank.

The HP Folio 13 has been launched by HP as its first "business" Ultrabook claiming it has the industry’s best battery life, at a purported nine hours - which if it proves to be true will indeed be a great boon for the Folio 13.

The 13.3in laptop, like all ultrabooks is pretty thin, at 18mm, though not as thin as some of its competitors such as the Acer Aspire S3. It weighs in at 1.5kg which is again a little heavier than the competition, such as the Toshiba Portege Z830, but the added few grams shouldn't be too much to bear.

The Folio 13 will come with Intel’s Core i5-2467M CPU and down the line a dual-core Core i7 model will also be available. It will feature a 128GB SSD paired with 4GB of DDR3 RAM - which should ensure pretty speedy operation.

It will also come with pretty decent connectivity (for an Ultrabook) with USB 2.0, a USB 3.0, Ethernet and HDMI ports available. It will also have a backlit keyboard and the screen will have a 1366 x 768 resolution - and will of course be of the glossy variety.

While the HP Folio 13 may not look as sleek as the Asus Zenbook or the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s, it does offer decent connectivity and specs for the pricing.

HP has not revealed UK pricing yet but the Folio 13 will go on sale in the US on 7 December for $900, which compares favourably with the competition.

What do you think of the HP Folio 13? Is it enough to tempt you away from the other Ultrabooks on the market? Let us know in the comments.

Source: HP

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