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HP Envy x2 video review

Andrew Williams


HP Envy x2
HP Envy x2

2013 is set to be remembered as the year of the convertible tablet, or the laptop-tablet hybrid if you prefer. The HP Envy x2 is the first effort from HP, and it’s a pretty desirable gadget.

The top reason to want an HP Envy x2 is that it’s covered in fab-looking brushed metal. Where rivals tend to use plastic on at least part of their shells, this is an all-metal affair.

The price for such a swanky-looking laptop hybrid is, predictably enough, a pretty hefty price tag. The HP Envy x2 costs £800.

You do need to care about look too here, as with an Atom processor, the HP Envy x2 isn’t going to be too happy left to run Photoshop while video editing at the same time. It's not super-powered.

From a real-life perspective, though, it’s still pretty flexible. The hybrid design means you can remove the screen part from the keyboard base and use the 11.6-inch display as a Windows 8 tablet.

The HP Envy x2’s dock also houses its own battery. Take the tablet part out on its own and it’ll last for around seven hours of constant use. With the keyboard in tow, it’ll stay awake for 14 hours. If you’re working longer hours than that, you have bigger problems than your laptop’s battery life.

For more, check out our video below...

HP Envy x2 Video Review

We gave the HP Envy x2 a healthy seven out of ten at review – read the full text for more info on this hybrid laptop-tablet. What do you think? Does the high-grade design justify the hefty outlay? Or would you expect better performance for your £800?

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