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HP brings back Windows 7 PCs “by popular demand”

Sam Loveridge


Windows 7 "Back by popular demand"

HP has brought back a range of Windows 7 PCs, which it claims is due to “popular demand”.

The new Windows 7 promotion, named “Windows 7 is back”, is offering consumers select Windows 7 devices for up to $150 (£92) savings over Windows 8 options.

It started promoting its Windows 7 range by email to customers, but has since updated its US store to tout its new stock.

However, it doesn’t seem that HP UK is offering the Windows 7 deals as yet, but we’re not sure whether the Windows 7 OS option will be ever offered in this country.

On the US site though, HP are definitely wanting people to opt for Windows 7 over the touchscreen-centric Windows 8 OS, with only Windows 7 desktops listed until you start customising.

The laptop section does offer Windows 8 machines, but the Windows 7 alternatives are very prominently featured.

Windows 8 has always struggled to get consumer traction since it launched. Windows 8.1 was released to tweak parts of its new OS, but it seems consumers are waiting for Windows 9 to bring the more important UI changes.

Although HP is the first to offer a Windows 7 discount over Windows 8, it may not be the last.

When Windows Vista was launched years and years ago, many retailers opted to promote the more popular Windows XP over Windows Vista.

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January 21, 2014, 1:30 pm

For all it's technical merits, I really regret purchasing Windows 8 and the split personality that it brings to my *desktop* PC. The built-in Reader app is great for viewing PDFs, but the fact I can't read a PDF and perform related tasks on screen at the same time, is incredibly frustrating. I have no doubt that the Metro UI is great on a touch screen device, but its insidious presence in my desktop environment is wholly unwanted.

Prem Desai

January 21, 2014, 1:56 pm

I'd love to know what the popular demand comprises of? It's probably a relative of the CEO or some high ranking official within HP who has issues.

Not sure what the issue with windows 8 is. I'm not a fan of the metro (or whatever it is called nowadays) and use the desktop mainly. Can't really see much difference.

Windows 8 is fast, stable and let's me do all I wan't easily.

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