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How to watch the OnePlus 2 launch event


OnePlus 2 launch
This mysterious black rectangle is about to be unveiled...

The OnePlus 2 is going to be unveiled today, and the launch event will be live-streamed for all to see.

What’s special about the event is that the company’s second-ever smartphone – the successor to the OnePlus One – will be unveiled in 360 degree virtual reality.

We’re expecting the device to be a formidable handset, featuring a Snapdragon 810 chip, a USB-C port, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and a fingerprint sensor that’s claimed to be ‘faster than the iPhone’.

Here’s how to watch:

To watch the OnePlus 2 launch event, you’ll need to download the OnePlus 2 launch VR app from the Google Play store. Sorry iOS-ers.

Here’s the download link (1.83MB, available July 24)

Next, you’ll need either a OnePlus Cardboard headset, a Google Cardboard headset, or any other VR-friendly headset that works by mounting your Android smartphone as a display.

Once the launch event kicks off, the app will begin streaming the event in VR.

It will also be available as a plain old Cardboard-free 360-degree video for those without headsets, but you’ll still need the app.

When does the OnePlus 2 launch event start?

The launch event begins at:

19:00, July 27 – Los Angeles

22:00, July 27 – New York

03:00, July 28 – London

07:30, July 28 – New Delhi

10:00, July 28 – Beijing

12:00, July 28 – Sydney

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Why is the OnePlus 2 launch event being streamed in VR?

“Product launches tend to be the same. An auditorium, a keynote, and a seated audience,” explains the OnePlus team.

“For the OnePlus 2 launch, we didn’t want a barrier between us and our community; we want to invite you into our world, because you’re a major part of it. That is why we will be unveiling the OnePlus 2 in a VR experience.”

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