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How to get the best deals on Amazon Prime Day without lifting a finger


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You’ve probably had more than your fill of Amazon Prime Day deals today, but we’d be remiss not to inform you of a way you can score even better discounts during the company’s annual sales event.

Amazon is offering enhanced deals to owners of its Amazon Echo speaker, if they choose to order products by commanding the Alexa voice assistant.

Those ordering with Alexa will get a further (one-time only) $10 off if it costs more than $20.

That’s on top of the exclusive deals already being offered to those ordering by chatting with their Amazon Echo speaker.

For example, the Uncharted 4 Collectors Edition for PS4 has a list price of $79.99. The Alexa discount of $44.99 and the extra $10 means Echo owners can get it for just $25. Bargain!

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All they need to do is say “Alexa, order Uncharted 4.” Alexa will respond with “Okay, Uncharted 4: Collectors Edition $25 total after $10 off. Should I order it?”

An affirmative response from the shopper will see it arrive in two days.

Other deals involve a Philips Hue starter kit (was $199, now $125), an Ecobee3 Wi-Fi Thermostat (was $249, now $160) and an Xbox One controller. For the latter you'll have to ask Alexa to reveal the price.

Unfortunately, the Amazon Echo is only officially available in the US, so those shoppers are the only folks to have access to these deals.

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