House of Cards Season 5: It’s finally here

House of Cards season 5 is finally here. Netflix has provided all 13 episodes to stream in their entirety, so prepare to binge.

Update 30/05: Netflix has finally made House of Cards season 5 available to stream. There’s 13 new episodes to binge, with the Underwoods taking their fight with the Conways to the next level. Here’s the first episode’s synopsis:

“As Congress debates investigating Frank, he and Claire attempt to stoke fear of terrorism. Tom Yates continues his stay in the White House.”

What are you waiting for? Get to it!

Spoiler alert:
If you’re yet to catch up on Frank Underwood’s exploits through the first four seasons of House of Cards, you might want to come back once you’ve watched those episodes.

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House of Cards season 5 – Latest news

There’s a new trailer for season 5, and it’s a good’un. The new clip arrived at the start of May, and features a distinctly sinister voiceover from President Underwood himself. There’s some great lines in Frank’s quietly aggressive narration, but the chilling “Underwood, 2016. 2020. 2024. 2028. 2032. 2036. One nation, Underwood” has to be the standout. Here’s the clip in full:

Included in the various scenes are returning characters Doug Stamper, Will Conway, Tom Yates, and Catherine Durant, along with the First Lady herself, Claire Underwood. There’s also a moment that suggests Frank will once again embrace his bisexuality this time around, along with some people looking very upset with the President’s actions. What has he been up to? Less than a month until we find out, now…

House of Cards season 5 – What can we expect?

Netflix has kept unusually quiet about the upcoming season, so confirmed details are hard to come by at this point. We’ll be rejoining Frank Underwood this May, but this time around, things will be a little different.

This will be the first season without series creator Beau Willimon, who left the show last year and has reportedly been replaced by senior series writers Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese.

House of Cards could soon be streamed in 4K resolution

What effect this will have on the new season’s story arc, if any, is unclear – but there’s certainly a lot for the new showrunners to work with.

Last season, Claire and Frank decided that they were “done trying to win over people’s hearts” and decided that they could “work with fear.” That basically means the newly reconciled couple are planning to launch a war in order to distract from the controversy surrounding Frank and the various allegations (all true, of course) against him contained in reporter Tom Hammerschmidt’s Washington Herald story.

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With an election looming, you can expect to see a lot of evasive and fear-mongering tactics from President Underwood, who looks like he’ll be launching an all-out assault on terrorist group ICO as part of his new plan to “work with fear”.

When we last saw Claire and Frank, they were sitting in the Situation Room at the White House, having witnessed the murder of hostage James Miller at the hands of ICO terrorists. The couple both look into the camera in a joint “breaking the fourth wall” moment, the likes of which we hadn’t seen up until that point.

Does that mean Claire will be delivering cold monologues to camera, just like her husband, this season? Probably not, but that final look into camera suggests she’s to be considered at least as dangerous as Frank this time around. She came close to fully betraying him in season 4, so could this be the season we finally see her leave him behind? Or worse?

We’re also intrigued to witness the fallout from Hammerschmidt’s article. Is this the beginning of the end for Frank, now that his flat-out murderous exploits have been revealed? Or will the impending war be enough to distract from its revelations? Either way, there’s a load of threads that are quickly unravelling for Frank, who still needs to deal with Russian President Petrov. Meanwhile Presidential hopeful Will Conway will be doing all he can to make sure the current commander-in-chief gets his comeuppance.

Trusted advisor and White House Chief of Staff Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) has disappeared with his new love interest Laura. Whether he’ll be as big a force in the House of Cards universe in season 5 remains uncertain at this point.

The same can be said of Remy and Jackie, who fled Washington after their affair was made public. We know Michael Kelly is returning this season, so we’re sure to see Doug at some point, but a Remy or Jackie appearance… we’re not so sure.

House of CardsIs this the end for Frank?

Whatever happens, Michael Kelly has hinted that we could see the demise of a central character. Speaking to Deadline, he said: “You lose characters that you love. We almost lost Frank, and I always have faith in the writers that no matter what road we go down, we’re going to come back to what the show is.”

Frank was shot last season, and his health appeared to be deteriorating, so we’re slightly concerned that the central character is in the firing line this time around. It’s a stretch, but considering how ruthless the show is, and Claire’s recent ambitions to seize control from her husband, we’re not ruling out the death of Frank Underwood here.

And neither is the internet. Rumours have been flying around suggesting it’s Francis’ time to go, with some even suggesting that Claire will be the one to carry out the wicked deed. Others have Doug down as the one who will finally dispatch the central character. It’s all rumour at this point, but it has us excited for what promises to be a tumultuous season of House of Cards.

House of Cards season 5 – Trailers

So far we’ve only been offered the teaser trailer mentioned above. Here it is again in all its tantalising glory:

House of Cards season 5 – Cast and Characters: Who’s back and who’s new?

Again, details are sparse at this point. There’s no confirmation of who will be returning, aside from who you’d expect. One thing that is confirmed is that two new cast members, Patricia Clarkson and Campbell Scott, will be joining House of Cards season five.

Oscar-nominated actress Patricia Clarkson has appeared in TV series Six Feet Under with roles in Shutter Island and appearances on Parks and Recreation as Tammy Swanson. Campbell Scott, meanwhile, has appeared as a German nobleman on Royal Pains, with roles in Damages and The Amazing Spider-Man.

There’s still no word on what roles the two will be playing in HoC, however, though it’s likely they’ll appear as aides, so stay tuned for more in the near future.

Here are some people we’re expecting to see in House of Cards season 5:

Kevin Spacey – Francis “Frank” J. Underwood, President of the United States
Robin Wright – Claire Underwood, First Lady of the United States
Michael Kelly – Doug Stamper, White House Chief of Staff
Derek Cecil – Seth Grayson, White House Press Secretary
Elizabeth Marvel – Heather Dunbar, former Solicitor General of the United States
Paul Sparks – Thomas Yates
Boris McGiver – Tom Hammerschmidt, former editor of The Washington Herald
Joel Kinnaman – Will Conway, Republican nominee for president and Governor of New York
Dominique McElligott – Hannah Conway, wife of Will Conway
Lars Mikkelsen – Viktor Petrov, the President of the Russian Federation
Patricia Clarkson – ?
Campbell Scott – ?

Here’s a list of some possible appearances:

Mahershala Ali – Remy Danton, former White House Chief of Staff under President Underwood
Jayne Atkinson – Catherine Durant, former Secretary of State
Kim Dickens – Kate Baldwin
Molly Parker – Jackie Sharp, former Deputy House Minority Whip
Michel Gill – Garrett Walker, former President of the United States
Gerald McRaney – Raymond Tusk, former associate of President Walker
Wendy Moniz – Laura Moretti, Doug’s love interest
Reg E. Cathey – Frederick ‘Freddy’ Hayes

That’s by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s our best guess for the time being. We’re expecting to hear more about cast and plot in the coming months so stay tuned.

Campbell Scott and Patricia Clarkson to the cast of season 5

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Let us know what you want to see from House of Cards season 5 in the comments.