House of Cards season 2 hits Netflix

The second season of Netflix-exclusive TV series House of Cards is now available to stream on the subscription service.

It may seem like a great deal longer, given the instant cachet (including three Emmy awards) it acquired, but the first season of House of Cards launched just over a year ago. It swiftly became the most-watched TV show on the Netflix service.

As the first ever made-for-Netflix TV show, House of Cards was quite the pioneer, with the company releasing all 13 episodes simultaneously.

Netflix is pursuing exactly the same course for season two, with all 13 episodes going live today.

Starring Kevin Spacey as the Machiavellian US Congressman Frank Underwood, and Robin Wright as his equally ferocious wife, House of Cards season two continues the story of the pair’s ruthless rise to power in the American capital.

Meanwhile, Kate Mara’s ambitious reporter Zoe Barnes is hot on the trail of Frank and the criminal acts he committed towards the end of season one. The official season two summary reads as follows:

“Betrayed by the White House, Congressman Francis Underwood embarks on a ruthless rise to power by manipulating a young reporter and a miscreant colleague. His wife Claire is a willing accomplice until their uncommon marriage shows strain.”

A third season of House of Cards is already in production.

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