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Honda to introduce iOS integration with 2014 range, unveiling in December

Sam Loveridge


iOS 7 Siri
iOS 7 Siri

Honda will be unveiling its iOS in the Car mirroring in December, with the functionality to be included in its 2014 range.

The new iOS integration features will be unveiled in the first week of December, but the 2014 Honda Civic will be the first with the functionality in-built.

Apple and Honda have been working together since 2011 when they initially announce Siri Eyes Free, but it seems new iOS in the Car features will be announced in the next fortnight.

A source close to Honda said the iOS features are “more than just simple mirroring” and instead you’ll be able to control your iOS device using a 7-inch multitouch display built into the car’s dashboard.

Siri Eyes Free allows you to hit a button on the steering wheel to control your iPhone using Siri’s voice controls. You might find this useful for changing the music track or making calls, but Honda’s new iOS in the Car features will apparently go far beyond this.

Honda confirmed mirroring technology would feature in the 2014 Civic when it goes on sale in December via its Twitter account:

“Mirroring technology is available starting with the all-new 2014 Civic – we don’t believe that will be available in the 13 Accords.”

The Japanese motor vehicle company also added that the Siri Eyes Free updates would be available in early December.

“We’re anticipating Siri Eyes Free updates before the beginning of December.”

Apple is also working with Audi, BMW, Chrysler, General Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota to bring Siri Eyes Free to more vehicles.

The Honda iOS in the Car announcements are tipped for a December 4 event.

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November 26, 2013, 11:08 am

Am I the only one who feels a pang of disappointment on reading this?

The motor industry has an opportunity to create its own set of standards for this kind of thing. Once done, any phone manufacturer could use the protocols to create a suitable app. It would mean that the motor industry themselves would take the lead and determine, independently, what is the best way of implementing phone tech in cars. Instead, they get lined up and marshalled by Apple, a highly proprietary phone company, with their own commercial interests.

I'm sure the product Apple and Honda come up with will work well, but the implementation here is bad for competition, bad for incentivisation for future development, and in the long term, bad for the consumer

I get that Apple make high end devices, and car manufacturers want to create aspirational products, but the fact is that currently 4 out of 5 smartphone activations are Android. Already we have the situation where, for no good reason, loads of cars have a build in Apple adapter but no universal micro USB.

Can't they be stopped?!


November 27, 2013, 2:21 am

Generally speaking, people who buy iPhones spend more money on things especially on cars. Honda is a premium brand, so they are assuming most of their customers own iOS devices. Companies aren't usually in the business of setting trends that benefit the industry or rivals, don't ever expect that to happen! It will take a open source third party to offer something worthwhile that all car makers and customers can get on board with, and as of yet, I haven't seen it done well. Not even close!


November 27, 2013, 11:47 am

This is SO flawed.

To start with, I disagree that Honda is a premium brand! Jaguar is a premium brand. So is Aston Martin. Brands like Lexus, BMW and Mercedes are arguably premium car brands too, albeit at a slightly lower level. Honda mostly makes everyday mid-range cars like the Civic and the Accord. I would put them in the same bracket as Ford, Nissan and VW, ie going for the mass market.

My point still stands though. The car industry seems to be dancing to Apple's tune, rather than setting the agenda. If I were in charge of a car company, I would not want my customer's choice of phone (a decision which might cost them £30 per month) to be any kind of barrier to them spending tens of thousands on the cars I were selling. I would want the car-phone technology to be on equal footing irrespective of whether the buyer happens to have an iphone, an Android, a Blackberry, a WinMo phone or anything else that happens to come along in the future. Its about selling the most amount of cars possible. I'm not expecting car manufacturers to be magnanimous. I'm expecting them to maximise their own profits, and in this case, I don't think the decision to go iOS exclusive would help. The fact is that Honda and Apple disagree, and that makes me sad. That is what I was saying in my OP.

Also, the comment "they are assuming most of their costumers own iOS devices" is simply daft. Did you really mean to write that? I could accept that, if the brand was expensive, they could assume a slightly higher proportion of customers who were iOS users. But MOST of them?! Can I ask where your evidence comes from, to support the statement "Generally speaking, people who buy iPhones spend more money on things especially on cars."?

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