The Apple HomePod firmware is giving up more of its secrets

The early release of firmware for Apple’s HomePod is arguably offering up more intriguing information than the launch event back in June.

Today the code brought some news on the iPhone 8. Now an eagle-eyed developer has spotted some unknown specs for the Siri-powered speaker itself.

According to Avery Magnotti, the HomePod will feature a 272×340 display with 1GB of RAM (via 9to5Mac).

The tweet was reposted by Steve Troughton Smith, who earlier discovered firmware had revealed the iPhone 8 would have a new face unlock feature.

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According to the code, there’ll be an infra-red face unlock feature within BiometricKit.

The firmware also reveals an outline for the iPhone 8, featuring an all-display design with no home button.

Previous discoveries within the code had revealed the speaker runs on iOS and has an LED matrix in the centre that, according to Troughton-Smith “could perhaps display shapes/symbols.”

Apple has released the firmware to developers to allow them to get a sense for the platform before it arrives later this year. This will enable them to adjust their apps accordingly.

The HomePod will arrive in December this year. UK pricing is yet to be confirmed, but it’ll launch in the US at $349.