Here’s how much each iPhone 8 Plus actually costs Apple to make

Apple’s new iPhone 8 Plus may not assault your wallet quite as vigorously as the iPhone X, but it’ll still set you back a pretty penny. How much does it cost to build though?

The Cupertino company is estimated to pay out $288.08 (£216) in parts for every one of its iPhone 8 Plus handsets, according to predictions from IHS Markit analysts.


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So even though it boasts 32GB more memory than the 7 Plus, has a more powerful processor and is capable of wireless charging, it only comes in at around $17 (£12) more expensive to make.

That’s a fair way short of its $/£799 price tag, so Apple still seems to be making a healthy margin on the new phone – at least until you subtract the company’s lofty overheads.

Buy Now: iPhone 8 Plus on EE (16GB) – £109 upfront, £47.99/month
Buy Now: iPhone 8 Plus on Vodafone (26GB) – £125 upfront, £48/month
Buy Now: iPhone 8 Plus on O2 (30GB) – £150 upfront, £51/month

The iPhone-rivalling Galaxy S8 costs Samsung $301.60 (£227) to build in comparison.

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