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Here’s when Samsung will start selling the Galaxy Note 7 again


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Amid the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, Samsung has continually said it intends to take care of inconvenienced customers before returning the ill-fated handset to shelves.

We now know when the firm will start opening sales up to the general pubic. A Samsung spokesperson has told CNN sales will recommence in South Korea on September 28.

New customers in other territories will be able to grab the device ‘when conditions allow,’ the representative said (via Neowin).

With the iPhone 7 plus now out in the wild, it’s crucial for Samsung to return the safe Note 7 to major markets as soon as possible.

Remember, when it's not setting fire to people's cars, the Galaxy Note 7 is actually a magnificent soft of smartphone.

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Just yesterday, over one million devices were officially recalled in an announcement from the US Consumer Protection Safety Commission.

The US CPSC is advising those still in possession of the device to power them down and not to charge.

Meanwhile, Samsung is rolling out a jury rigged software fix that will prevent batteries charging beyond 60 per cent, limiting the fire risk.

The company will also change the battery icon in the phone’s status bar from white to green, in order to show device owners the handsets they’re using are safe.

Prior to the recall there had only been a 13 per cent drop off in usage of Galaxy Note 7 devices, which is worrying to say the least.

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September 16, 2016, 8:29 pm

Haven't had any info from Samsung on replacing mine which I preordered from the website. I turned it off and left it since first hearing about the battery issue, but it's a little galling that my brand new phone is sat there for weeks whilst my aged Note 3 gets glitchier by the day.


September 19, 2016, 3:50 pm

same here, but its my note 4 im currently using.. Im patiently waiting for my N7.. I read this article and still dont know when the N7 will be in my hands...

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