Here’s a Windows 10 update you’re actually going to want to download

If you’re still waiting to fall in love with Windows 10, this could be your moment to swoon. You can now download Netflix shows to watch offline.

The infinitely handy feature is available via the Windows 10 PC app, and appears to be exclusive to Netflix original content only at the moment.

To view the full list of content available for download, just hit the menu button in the top left corner and look for Available for Download.

With just one tap, you can now load your PC with flicks like Stranger Things, Narcos and House of Cards to watch sans Wi-Fi. That’s your buffering woes gone for good.

Netflix Windows 10Image: Windows Central

You’ll also find a list of your previously downloaded content via the same menu button in the top left, under My Downloads.

Hopefully the list of downloadable shows will grow as licensing issues get ironed out. There’s no news on a Windows 10 Mobile or Xbox One app update yet, but it’s not unreasonable to assume that there’s a similar roll-out on the way.

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How will you be making the most out of Netflix’s downloadable content? Let us know in the comments below.