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Head-to-Head: Should you buy a PlayStation 4 Neo?


Sony is expected to unveil a new, updated PS4.5 (aka PS4 Neo) console at E3 on June 13th. If the rumoured spec bump and addition of a Ultra-HD Blu-Player are true – would you consider buying one?

In a the first of a new series called 'Head-to-Head', Deputy Editor Andy Vandervell (@andyvan) and Editor Evan Kypreos (@EvanKypreos) argue it out, but which side are you on?

Andy says…

Yes, if the price is right.

Considering the PS4 Neo will most likely feature a UHD Blu-Ray player, if the console launches for around £400, I think it’ll be pretty good value.

I’m excited to see what developers can do with the extra power of the new console too – hopefully it’ll mean we see better graphics and smoother frame rates, and I think the upgrade is essential for the future of PlayStation VR.

My only concern is about Sony and Microsoft’s long-term plans. Are we going to have to upgrade again in 2 years? How many of these incremental console upgrades will we have? I’d like Sony to explain all that at E3 2016 so I can make an informed decision.

Evan says…

Not yet, there are just too many unknowns.

Will developers really want to create two different versions of their game? Will the PS4.5 be required to play future Playstation VR games? Am I going to miss out on games and features if I don’t upgrade?

Andy mentions smoother frame rates, but what if you’re playing a competitive multiplayer game and the other player is running a faster version of the game on the new PS4.5 – surely they’ll be at an advantage which means I’ll have to upgrade.

There’s also the cost to consider. I bought my PS4 only a couple of years ago for £400 and already they want me to buy another one? If Sony offers some sort of console-upgrade programme where you can trade-in your PS4, I think I might consider it, but that’s a big if.

Would you buy a PS4.5? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @trustedreviews.

Alan Roberts

June 3, 2016, 9:30 am

OF COURSE its to boost their VR power
(the harware in the ps4 just aint gonna cut it for that, if you look at the london heist demo some of it looks like ps2 era graphics)

they can't say that tho because then nobody with an existing ps4 will buy a PSVR.

as soon as i heard murmerings about ps 4.5 it was obvious this was the reason.

tbh if consoles are going this way and they expect people to upgrade every 2-3 years (ps4 only came out in Nov 2013) people would be just as well building a pc.

it would work out cheaper in the long run (especially when you consider the savings on games to be made on pc) mind you that doesn't consider if you want to VR on your pc then the neo is a viable option.

but for all the millions of people who paid money for a ps4 its a royal kick in the teeth.

Sony can shove their Neo , PSVR, AND any future consoles where the sun won't shine.

why would i pay money for a console if there is a very real possibility it will be outdated in a couple of years?

Im primarily a PC gamer and usually buy the consoles for the exclusives .
this p**s poor generation will be the end of that I recon.


June 11, 2016, 4:16 pm

That guy in the middle who was against it was taking it way too personal. A really bitter face. Look at his eyes. He was really annoyed and could not even bear to look at the guy on the left who was quite comfortable and relaxed about making his point because he was more open minded and willing to accept change if it was an improvement.

The guy on the middle kept making false assumptions that do not make sense and a lot of his views contradicted each other as he tried to shoe horn his views into place. The guy clearly has issues and needs to chill out. I would advise him to take a break and wait to see what Sony actually announce if it is making him so frustrated.

I would not go as far to say he wasn't displaying the required intelligence to justify his presence, but I would say his emotions were definitely clouding his judgement.

In fact Sony have just confirmed it today and squashed some of his negative assumptions already which makes him look really silly and immature.

I was an early adopter and I'm getting a PS4 Neo no problem because I want better performance and better graphics from the games. That's my optional choice.
Adding up the cost of PS4 Neo, PSVR and the original PS4, then equating it with the idea that you could have bought a PC with Oculus Rift is childish. First of all that PC VR setup was not available at the PS4 launch and I really doubt you could actually buy a PC VR setup for that price anyway.


June 11, 2016, 4:41 pm

Errr… you're a PC gamer? So would you really buy a GPU upgrade costing more than the price of PS4 Neo knowing it was going to be outdated within a couple of years. It quite telling that you are lenient towards PC doing it, but hostile to consoles doing it. Why is that?

Alan Roberts

October 20, 2016, 5:30 pm

becasue i can still play games from 30 years ago on my PC.
it is just a far more versatile machine than a console. I expect to pay more for it .
A GPU being outdated/superceded by a newer better GPU from the same company doesn't mean that your "outdated" gpu is unusable (thats why pc games have options screens) you don't NEED to upgrade your gpu to play the latest pc games. (you can if you want but its not a requirement)

and you don't need to spend the price of a PS4 pro on a pc GPU to get (beyond) PS4 pro levels of power (£150 will do that)

believe it or not but the vast majority of pc gamers don't have the latest greatest gpu, the vast majority are rocking a gpu that is at least 5 years old.

(I tend to build a new rig maybe every 3-4 years but i'm in the minority)

when these upgraded consoles appear, probably a good percentage of your games catalogue won't work on your "upgraded" machine. (I can live with that if the generation is 6-7 years..... if its 2-3 then not so much)

then they will roll out endless reboots of the old consoles games and expect you to rebuy stuff you've already played (sound familiar?) the reboots that are happening these days would be nothing compared to what we would see if the generation only lasts 3 years.

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