Has Samsung teased Galaxy Note 8 design from its own Twitter?

Samsung may have revealed the Galaxy Note 8 design on an official Twitter account – just weeks before the phone’s expected debut.

We’re now very close to the official launch of the Galaxy Note 8, if rumours are to be believed. Most leaks put the announcement in late August and a retail rollout in September, which means it’s likely that the phone’s design is finalised at this point.

That’s why a tweet posted by Samsung’s Exynos chipmaking arm has prompted speculation that the phone depicted in the accompanying image is actually the Galaxy Note 8.

Here’s the tweet:


The tweet is actually being used to promote Samsung’s current flagship mobile chip, the Exynos 8995. This chip featured in this year’s Galaxy S8, and is also expected to appear in the Galaxy Note 8.

However, the phone appears to be a Samsung phone we’re not familiar with, and bears a strong resemblance to design rumours and leaks we’ve seen regarding the Note 8. The slim-bezel design, curved edges, and lack of a Home button are all expected to be core design tenets of the Galaxy Note 8. It’s certainly not the Galaxy S8; the bezel curve is different and the speaker grille is too long, for a start.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of telling for sure whether this is the Note 8; this could simply be a quick design mockup of an invented phone, simply created for marketing purposes. As much as we’d like to say this is the Galaxy Note 8, it seems highly improbable that Samsung would make such a mistake. Also, the tweet is still up nearly 24 hours after it first going live, which suggests Samsung hasn’t made the gaffe we were hoping for.

The good news is that Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy Note 8 as soon as August 23, so we’ll update you with any news as we get it. Until then, take all rumours and leaks with due caution.

Samsung declined to comment on this article.

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