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Harry Potter Coming To An eReader Near You

David Gilbert


Harry Potter Coming To An eReader Near You

Still upset after seeing the final instalment of the Harry Potter films? Fear not, JK Rowling is set to allow you pay her even more money by buying the books all over again.

Last month Rowling launched the Pottermore website, which will act as a portal for extra Harry Potter content and a place for fans to exchange spells, play games and speculate about the almost-inevitable eight Harry Potter book. It is set for launch in October.

Now it has been announced that the website will also make the seven books available in digital form and will be available to download to pretty much any ereader. The books will available in Google Books but also be available in other digital formats to let you read them on your Kindle, Sony Reader or any other ereader you can think of.

The Pottermore website will be the only place online where you will be able to purchase the ebooks but Rowling has yet to announce how much her much-loved tomes will cost. Rowling’s statement that she wanted to make the books as “accessible as possible” will of course have nothing to do with the financial boost she will receive from the release of the books in digital formats.

No doubt Potter fans around the globe will feel they will have to purchase the books when they appear on the website despite already owning all seven books in their physical form, all eight DVDs of the films and capes, wands and potions as far as the eye can see.

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