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Hacked Fox News Twitter Reports Obama's Death

David Gilbert


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A group of hackers gained control of a Fox News twitter account before going on to say that President Barack Obama had been assassinated.

Many Americans waking up to celebrate July 4 festivities will have been taken aback to see a tweet from Fox News telling them that their president had been assassinated - only to discover that the report was false. The hackers, who have identified themselves as Scriptkiddies in other, now-suspended Twitter accounts, gained access to the @foxnewpolitics Twitter account and tweeted a series of messages about the assassination.


As well as saying President Obama had been shot twice and dies in Iowa while on the campaign trail, the group behind the attack, added their support to the President’s family and even wished vice-president Joe Biden all the best in his new role. A quick check of other news agencies would prove the tweets to be a hoax. The tweets about Obama were sent moments after a tweet claiming that Fox News had regained control of the twitter account. The Fox News Politics account has 34,000 followers.

Fox News has not commented on the story so far but this attack is just the latest in a growing trend of cyber-crimes which recently came to the attention of everyone with the high-profile attacks on Sony, the CIA and the Serious Organised Crime Agency in the UK.

Source: @foxnewspolitics

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