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GXR Mount A12 Plays Nice WIth Leica M Lenses

David Gilbert


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Ricoh has announced a new lens mount for its GXR camera system, which will be able to use Leica M-mount lenses.

The GXR system was introduced in 2009 and is a little different to the other interchangeable lens camera systems out there by combining a main unit, comprising an LCD screen and controls, and a camera unit with lens, processor and sensor. The new unit however doesn’t have a lens but has a lens mount.

The GXR Mount A12 is able to accommodate a range of Leica M mount lenses and features an APS-C sized CMOS sensor. There is also the addition of the newly developed focal plane shutter and it provides a range of correction functions.

Ricoh GXR Mount A12

The mount is also able to accommodate other lenses if you add a conversion adapter, but this sounds like too much of a work around for us. However if you already have a GXR camera then you may welcome this addition.

Other features of the A12 include a host of functions aimed at maximising the performance of any lenses attached, including correction for chromatic aberration and lens distortion.

The GXR Mount A12 is due for release early next month but there’s been no word on pricing from Ricoh so far.


August 6, 2011, 8:11 pm

Actually, the use of intermediate adapters for other mounts, far from being a workaround, is actually a great idea.

With a 27.8mm flange back distance, the Leica M mount is compatible with nearly any other system camera mount, including Nikon F (46.5 mm), 4/3 (40 mm), Pentax K and M42 (45.5 mm), Canon FD (42 mm) and EF/EF-S (44mm) and Minolta A mount (44.5 mm).

The only lenses left out are the Sony E mount (18 mm), Samsung NX (25.5 mm), micro 4/3 (20mm) and C-mount (17.5 mm), but the first 3 tend to be fully electronic (including focus) and the last one doesn't cover the APS-C image circle anyway.

Rather than making a dozen different modules for every mount, it is a much better idea to make an M mount module and let users buy additional adapters. And yes, EF lenses have electronic aperture control so you can't control aperture with this dumb (electronically) mount, but that hasn't stopped people from using EF lenses on non-Canon bodies before.

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