GTA 5 Best Mods – Top 5

Despite being almost three years since GTA 5 was originally released on last-gen consoles, it only came to PC last year. After countless delays, the latest version of Rockstar’s best game looks absolutely gorgeous, complete with high-resolution textures, pristine anti-aliasing and a gorgeously-smooth framerate.

As well as this, the game has been bolstered by a huge number of player-created mods. Not only do these change the look of the game – some drastically – they also add brilliantly inventive new content like new vehicles and crazy weapons. Here are some of our favourites:

Best GTA 5 Modes – Native Trainer

gta native trainer

An essential basic to modding GTA V, you’ll want the Native Trainer. At its simplest, the trainer allows you to manipulate a huge number of systems in the game. You can teleport to any location in Los Santos, spawn vehicles – any and all – whenever you want, and play around with the game’s time and weather settings.

At its more in-depth, it allows you to turn on invincibility for both your character and your vehicle, manipulate the game’s AI settings, turn off gravity, how and if the police respond to your actions, and also turn on explosive ammo. Yes, explosive ammo.

There’s loads more, so make sure you’ve got the Trainer installed as soon as you start modding.

Best GTA 5 Modes – GTA Gravity Gun

Grand Theft Auto’s vanilla weapons are great, but they’re fairly run of the mill. Who wants a pistol, assault rifle or sawn-off shotgun when you’ve access to the inventive possibilities of the gravity gun?

It allows you to pick up anything that isn’t tied down – trash cans, cars, trucks and… other humans – and then fling them off into the distance. Using it to create chaos is immense fun, and there’s nothing quite like firing several SUVs into pursuing police helicopters to knock them off course and out of the sky.

Best GTA 5 Modes – GTA RPG

gta rpg mod

One of the most well made and fleshed out mods we’ve come across, GTA RPG turns the game into a fairly robust role-playing experience complete with a load of intricate little progression systems.

Activating the mod allows you to choose what kind of character you’d like to play, as well as opening up conversational dialogue options with merchants and quest givers. There are even skill-trees and crafting mechanics to create your own stuff. Neat.

Best GTA 5 Modes – Army mods

gta 5 army mod

Being wanted in GTA V is a fantastic thrill ride, especially if you’re settling in for a round-island tour of Los Santos while the fuzz are hot on your tail. However, the potential for chaos with Los Santos’ police department isn’t as completely outrageous as in previous games – in particular, the army never seem to get word of your anarchic antics, and instead you’re left with the feeble FIB.

With this mod, you’re able to bring the military in to try take you down, turning the action up to eleven. This also gives you a great opportunity to hijack some of the army vehicles that exist in the game, like the impossibly fun and destructive Rhino tank.

Best GTA 5 Modes – Nice fly

gta nice fly

Ever wanted to fly freely around the sprawl of Rockstar’s rendition of Los Angeles? The Nice Fly mod lets you do just that. All you have to do to become a rent-a-Superman is get a parachute and then jump into the air.

The mod’s animations aren’t that great, but the freedom you gain from being able to fly off into the sky at any given time is a must, especially if you like seeing the city and its surrounding vista from above.

Best GTA 5 Modes – R*hancer Photorealism

gta r hancer realism

Graphical mods are always subjective to how you prefer your games to look, but the R*hancer Photorealism mod removes a lot of the more abstract effects that GTA V uses and instead goes for a purely realistic look.

The result is a far sharper looking Los Santos, complete with less foggy haze on distant buildings and hills, and an optional reshade for the colour balances. It also packs some wonderfully pretty new weather effects, as well as some great improvements to reflections and lighting, especially on the metallic surfaces of vehicles.

Best GTA 5 Modes – Reaper mod

gta reaper

If you’ve played GTA V before you’ll know about the enormous advertisement-covered blimps that circle innocently high up above the city. With this mod, you transform them into the colossal Reaper ships from the Mass Effect series.

They don’t do anything murderous, unfortunately, but there’s nothing like having a genocidal spaceship looming over an entire city to make you feel that little bit more like Independence Day’s Captain Steven Hiller.

Now all you need is a spaceship.

Best GTA 5 Modes – Luxury safehouse

gta luxury safehouse

By the end of GTA V’s story, its main trio of anti-heroes are rich criminals with a lot of real estate under their belts. But, despite their newfound fortunes, none of that compares to Marlow Valley; an incredibly detailed modded safehouse, complete with enough space for 60-odd of your cars and bikes, several helipads, and an entire runway for landing jets and planes. It’s situated in the hills of behind Los Santos, so it’s the perfect location for anyone looking for a retreat away from the smog of the city.

Best GTA 5 Modes – Pedestrian Riots

gta pedestrian riots

Harking back to the good old – and I mean old – days of GTA III, the pedestrian riots mod does exactly what it says on the tin. It turns Los Santos into an anarchic hellhole – I advise you climb somewhere out of sight and look down on the city as it turns on itself.

The best part about this mod is how it arms everyday civilians with weapons, so massive shootouts start occurring in downtown parts of the city, and the cops are absolutely nowhere to break the fighting up and bring those responsible to justice.

Best GTA 5 Modes – Iron Man

gta iron man mod

While the Nice Fly mod is great, my personal preference is the Iron Man mod, which suits you up as a wannabe Tony Stark to fly around the city in style. Not only is it great for looking amazing while navigating the Los Santos skies, but it’s also weaponised with repulsor blasters on the hands and chest, which helps when you come to fight the streetgangs – or terrorise the locals.