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GTA 5 delays affect PSN pre-load orders

Luke Johnson



New GTA 5 delays have hit the eagerly awaited title, with PSN pre-load orders pushed back leaving PS3 gamers worried about receiving the game in time.

With digital pre-orders of PS3 edition of GTA 5 supposed to have been greeted with a PSN pre-load download today, September 13, eager gamers have now been told that their copy of the hotly anticipated game will now not be available to download until September 16.

With the GTA 5 release date confirmed for September 17, the PSN pre-load allows gamers to download the 17GB file that makes up the GTA 5 game ahead of the title’s midnight release. Although ready and waiting on gamers’ consoles, the pre-load does then not become active until the first seconds of the title’s release date.

While many gamers with PSN based GTA 5 pre-orders expected to be able to download and prepare for the games launch today, Sony has now revealed the pre-load will not be available until the day before the Rockstar produced game makes it into stores.

Given the late notice of the change of plans, gamers have been left outraged and concern that the single day demand on the PSN will cause them to miss the chance to have GTA 5 downloaded and prepared on their consoles in time for launch.

“Thanks for TAKING as for FOOLS!!!,” one angered gamer wrote on the Sony forum pages. “I didn't top up my account with 50pounds just so you can SCAM ME!”

Such messages of announce have been echoed across the company’s comments boards with another miffed customer writing: “First time pre-ordering digitally and the last time. What a [DELETED] shambles Sony. No point in asking for the £50 back from my wallet I guess. That’s the part of the deal you will hold up - no refunds.”

Have you been affected by the GTA 5 PSN delays? Let us know via the comments boxes below.

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September 13, 2013, 7:58 pm

(Insert xbox 360 comment being supreme) (Is downvoted immediately)
*Moments later*
(Insert witty remark of a fun fact of ps3) (Upvoted immediately)
*Moments later*
(Neckbeard comes in and reminds us how great the pc is) (Most likely balanced between both negative and positive)
*Moments later*
(One guy asks why he is here)
I'm just saving you guys some time here.

Andre Ferreira

September 13, 2013, 10:34 pm

I haven't paid for the digital pre-order yet, but even if I had, I would not be affected as badly as most, as this is the only way I will be able to get the game within the current month because I live in Mozambique. It won't be distributed here - at least not right away. I am still pissed, nontheless. I stayed up till midnight, eagerly awaiting the start of the download. I hate Sony sometimes... Also, just another annoyance: I cannot add funds to my wallet with a Mozambican-registered credit card, meaning that I have to convince my cousin, who has a Portuguese credit card - as he lives in Portugal - to pay for the game using his credit card. Of course, I'd pay him back (or send the money before he pays for the game), but trusting me with his credit card information is a feat that I think impossible of him.
P.S. I do believe that this is going to be the best game to date. As long as the game lives up to this expectation I don't care when I get the game - as long as I get it at some point in my life (preferably within the month).


September 14, 2013, 6:25 pm

Honestly, I dont think anyone read during the process of preordering on the checkout screen when the game will be available for download. Ive preordered since the 1st of this month(september) and it clearly says its available only for download at 12:01am on the 17th. So im not shocked nor mad. Its not like your going to be able to play online immediately after download. No one will be missing out. Its no biggie.

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