Grand Theft Auto Online’s next big update is almost here

Rockstar Games has announced the next major update coming to GTA Online, and it sounds pretty damn explosive.
‘Gunrunning’ is an upcoming expansion set to launch across PS4, Xbox One and PC next month.
Rockstar has not announced any specific details, but it will involve the illegal movement of weapons across Los Santos, and it’ll probably get messy.
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Building upon previous expansions for the online offering, players will partake in a slew of dangerous criminal activities across Blaine County.
“While sharply dressed CEOs trade Special Cargo from lavish air conditioned suites, and leather-clad Bikers own the roadways moving illicit consumer goods,” Rockstar said. “New opportunities are opening in a highly lucrative and equally malicious network hidden underground ripe for takeover by the VIPs, CEOs, and Biker bosses of Los Santos and Blaine County.”
By uncovering ‘hatches’ spread across the county you can discover an assortment of military-grade weapons and vehicles to wreak havoc with. Players will earn “top dollar” for successfully completing missions, too.
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We’ll be sure to share more details once they’re released alongside a release date.