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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Released

David Gilbert


Grand Theft Auto V

Following a few weeks of teasing, Rockstar Games has finally unveiled the trailer to the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V.

While some had predicted that the latest installment of the franchise may return to London (available in the expansion packs to the original title), most people guess correctly that it would be based among the bright lights of a Hollywood style city, with the game set to take a rye look at the Hollywood dream.

The trailer is narrated by an unnamed character who tells us he’s decided to move to the idyllic lifestyle of the city, buy a big house and relax, while his kids live out the OC dream. But predictably things don’t work that way - especially in GTA games.

Other than that everything else is speculation, though the presence of a Vinewood sign in the trailer does suggest we’ll be seeing parts of GTA: San Andreas again in this new version.

Rockstar has not given any concrete release date for the new version but with the trailer likely to whip up a lot of excitement, surely they won’t make us wait too long.

Let us know in the comments whether the trailer has whetted your appetite for more GTA action or if you are no longer excited by the possibility of mindless violence.

Source: Rockstar Games


November 2, 2011, 10:46 pm

Rockstar seriously dropped the ball with GTA IV in so many ways. Generic, boring, uninspired missions, awful car handling, misplaced humour, etc (I can't comment on the dlc since I'd had enough by the time I'd played out the main game) Most of the fun stuff that made San Andreas so great was missing the last time around.
Personally, I found Saints Row 2 had much more longevity/laughs/stuff to do & was a far superior game in most respects.
With Saints Row the third looking like it could be another epic outing, GTA needs to be a return to form or it could be the last one. Mind you, the trailer looks pretty good.


November 3, 2011, 1:41 pm

That plane at the end gives me hope that fixed-wing aircraft are back—much more fun than helicopters!

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