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PS4 Pro vs Playstation VR: Which should you buy? Head-to-Head


Should you buy the PS4 Pro or Playstation VR headset? With a hypothetical £350 ($400) in their pockets, Brett Phipps (@InverteBrett) and Ced Yuen (@CedYuen) go Head-to-Head over which of Sony’s new gaming hardware they would buy.

Brett says…

I would definitely get the Playstation VR (PSVR). Virtual reality is absolutely incredible and literally provides a whole new dimension to gaming.

Unlike the PS4 Pro, you don’t need a super high-end 4K HDR TV to get the most out of the Playstation VR -- it’s just plug and play!

Having said that, you do need to have the PlayStation camera to use the PSVR and the optional Move controllers make a huge difference to how immersive and interactive games are. If you don’t have either, be prepared to spend another £100 on top of the headset itself.

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Ced Says…

If you are a proper, hardcore gamer - there’s really no choice. The PS4 Pro is the most powerful console you can buy and will make games (new and old) look and play better.

It’s true you’ll want a 4K HDR TV for the best experience, but you’ll still see a significant upgrade in graphics and smoother frame rates even if you’re gaming on a normal HD TV.

The best part is developers get to choose how to allocate all the extra power, so the Rise of the Tomb Raider for example doesn’t even support HDR, but instead offers better visuals and lighting.

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What do you think?

Let us know what you think of the PS4 Pro and Playstation VR in the comments below. Thanks for watching and make sure you join us next Wednesday for another Head-to-Head with your host Tom Honeyands (@TheTechChap).


November 9, 2016, 10:57 pm

I thought one of the selling points of the PlayStation Pro was the ability to play higher definitiin video and at 90 MHz which is the minimum for motion sickness minimised VR. So why does this article then put PSVR against PSPro with a TV instead of giving feedback with PSPro maximised VR experience?


November 10, 2016, 10:27 am

Surely the answer is to buy both. Why would you spring for PSVR and then settle for the lower quality visuals of the baseline PS4 rather than PS4 Pro?


November 11, 2016, 1:59 am

Please give some feedback on PSVR using the PS Pro or have Sony not even maximised the PSVR for the PS4 Pros abilities?


November 13, 2016, 7:24 pm

Do not choose the PS4 PRO. VR is such a new and wonderfull medium. I bought both, and let me tell you, If you already have a PS4 , you will feel you wasted your money because the differences dont add up to much of any benefit. You wont notice anything different unless you go on line and have someone point out what changed, but I can. Not much.


November 13, 2016, 7:51 pm

I bought my PSVR on launch, and the same for the Pro. When hooked up to the PSVR there seemed to be something missing, and that something is called "Noticeable Difference". Sony wasnt lying when they said the standard model was the premium model for the Playstation VR . I thought they were lying, and were just trying to get people to buy the PSVR even though it wouldnt run as well being that it wasnt very powerful. That simply is not the case. The PSVR works great on the Ps4. I've played almost all of the high profile games on the standard model, and I expected to see a sizable difference with the Pro, but I see now it was a mistake. You'll see an extremely small reflection here, and a different color there, but even those differences are so small that someone needs to tell you where they are. Nothing looks more solid or deeper, and most of the differences are a little more grass or lighting changes. If you want to pair your VR with a pro, you need to do it with realistic expectations. I believe that developing games in VR is still quite new for developers, and Sony may not have given adequate time for them to make use of the extra power. With the lack of noticeable differences, I dont think its unlikely that Sony only recently told them how much additional power they had to work with, and being that Sony was still adding Ram along with other components just two months ago, the developers were probably minimizing the added improvements until they knew. If you want some good advice, wait until Sony feels comfortable about how the public is dealing with the revelation that Sony betrayed their core consumers by producing another device which makes their consoles obsolete just a month after releasing a major add on.

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