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GoPro Karma: Your guide to the first GoPro drone


GoPro Karma drone release date, specs, features, and UK price: GoPro has finally lifted the lid on its long-awaited GoPro Karma drone, the company’s first-ever consumer quadcopter.

After months of endless teasing, GoPro has finally revealed its Karma drone. It began as a project that was co-developed with drone-maker DJI, but that partnership came to a close back in 2015. The Karma drone was originally intended to launch at the beginning of this year, but it was delayed until September – and now it’s finally ready.

Here’s what you need to know.

GoPro Karma – Specs & Features

“Karma should be an end-to-end life capture solution" claimed GoPro at last night’s release event. But what about its features and specs makes this the case?

Firstly, Karma is built to be stable. Thanks to the Karma Stabilizer, your footage should be shake free and beautifully smooth. The stabilizer itself has a 90° range of motion and moves on 3 axes. What’s more, GoPro claim it only weighs 230 grams.

But what about the flight specs? Well, GoPro says the Karma will top out at 35mph with a maximum distance of 1km. Add in the claimed altitude height of 4.5km and you’ve got a drone that can travel some serious distance.

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Karma only has a slated flight time of 20 minutes, though. And it’s currently unclear whether you’ll be able to use multiple batteries.

Filming days hopefully won’t be limited, though, as it supposedly only takes an hour to charge the drone and a further two hours for the controller and grip.

GoPro have gone to great length to make obvious how safe Karma is. It features built in no-fly zones and an immediate return to home button. These aim at hopefully minimising the chances of losing the drone or breaking the law.

GoPro Karma Grip – Specs & Features

Think of it as a super selfie stick. The body of the grip uses built in buttons to control the camera and it can be handheld or mounted to your body, vehicle, equipment and much more, according to GoPro.

The grip is designed to attach to the Karma drone so the same stabilizer holds the camera and mounts on the end. Effectively, this means you’ll get shake-free footage regardless of the way in which you capture it.

GoPro says that battery life is 1.75 hours and it supposedly takes 2 hours to charge.

GoPro Karma Controller – Specs & Features

It’s specifically designed to make flying as easy - and safe - as possible. Featuring one button takeoff and landings, it takes care of the hard parts where you’re likely to damage the drone.

Karma controller

Once in the air, pilots use the gaming inspired analog sticks to fly. The 5-inch screen shows real time views from the camera in 720p resolution.

Battery life of the controller is a claimed 4 hours and it’ll take 2 hours to charge.

GoPro Karma – Passenger App

The GoPro passenger app is designed to let your friends come along for the ride. While you fly they can watch on their devices and even control the camera.

GoPro Karma – Is it heavy?

GoPro has pegged the drone as being the most portable available. It’s specifically designed to be carried on your person regardless of the activity you’re doing.

GoPro claims the Drone itself weighs 1,006 grams. The stabilizer is 230 grams and the grip handle 244.6 grams. The controller weighs in at 625 grams. We total that as just over 2 kilograms. Of course, none of these weights have been verified by us.

The whole thing folds down into its flight case-come-rucksack designed to be worn on your back.

GoPro Karma – What if I break it?

All parts of the drone are replaceable if needed. Although they’ll come at a price ranging from £19.99 for new propellers through to £349.99 for a new Karma core.

However, GoPro’s website hints that they’ll be introducing a GoPro care scheme - watch this space.

GoPro Karma – Compatibility

The drone isn’t limited to the newly announced Hero5 Black and Hero5 session, either. GoPro has made it backwards compatible with the GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver.

GoPro Karma – Release date and price

GoPro announced a whole bunch of bundles that’ll be available in the coming months. The Karma alone will cost £719.99 and if bought with a GoPro Hero5 Black it’ll cost 999.99.

GoPro has confirmed that the drone will go on sale on October 23.

If you're interested in how the Karma performs, here's some official GoPro clips, featuring the drone itself, the stabilising grip and the new touchscreen controller.

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September 20, 2016, 5:50 pm

As a keen angler iv'e been waiting for the Karma drone. They're gonna fly out the door.

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