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GoPro Hero 5 could come with a touchscreen


GoPro touch

GoPro's next big action camera could borrow a major feature from your smartphone.

GoPro hasn't had a particularly good 2016. It started the year by laying of seven percent of its staff and warning of poor sales. Then, amidst tumbling share prices, it delayed its long-gestating Karma drone to the end of the year.

One device that was never at risk of being delayed or cancelled, however, was the GoPro Hero 5 - the latest in the rugged action cameras that have built GoPro's name. We're expecting to see the GoPro Hero 5 some time in October, but we're already picking up some interesting rumours about its new functions.

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GoPro enthusiast Konrad Iturbe appears to have obtained a brief video showing the UI of the new Hero 5. It seems to suggest that the new camera will feature a touchscreen. That wouldn't be a first, but it's an interesting inclusion for a series that has prioritised simplicity and rugged usability over advanced input options.

Iturbe told Mashable that the nine-second video was pulled from the GoPro app, suggesting that the new UI is at the very least being tested internally at GoPro.

The UI itself shows a pull-down menu for quick access to Preferences and Connections, as well as wi-fi and mic toggles. One of the menus also mentions a GoPro Sniper - could this be a directional mic attachment of some kind?

One last piece of evidence to all but seal the deal - the original video file is called "add_camera_hero5.mp4."

Perhaps one small reason for doubt is the fact that the video shows the camera recording in 1080p and 30fps, when even the existing Hero 4 Black can record in 4K.

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Would a touchscreen UI be enough to tempt you to buy a new GoPro? Let us know in the comments.

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