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Google will pay you $100,000 to crack the Chromebook


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Short on money this month? Maybe it’s time to start breaking Google devices…

Google has upped the stakes when it comes to breaking into the company’s Chromebook range.

The search engine giant will now pay anyone who manages to successfully crack the device over the web an incredible $100,000.

That’s up from a previous bounty of $50,000, because Google has yet to have a successful submission for the challenge.

“Since 2010, we’ve happily rewarded researchers who find and report security issues to us through Google’s Security Reward Program,” says Nathan Parker, Chrome Defender at Google.

Parker continues: “Last year, Google paid researchers more than $2 million for their work to make Google users safer.”

“It’s no secret that Chrome takes security seriously,” he adds.

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To win the funds, you’ll need to find a way to enact a persistent compromise of a Chromebook in guest mode.

The prize is on offer all year round, with no quotas and no maximum reward pool.

Good luck…

Do you think $100,000 is a fair sum for hacking a Chromebook? Let us know in the comments.

Johnny Long

April 15, 2016, 4:23 am

I am not sure what you consider the serious use of the Chromebook. This is an important understanding that needs to be clarified before a project on what the true value of a crack or a hack of the system. You may be under the same delusion as most end users that since the value of the financial and personal information they have is not particularly valuable there are no other uses for capturing or controlling there systems which is a false assumption. Frankly this is all about you getting something of real value for a relatively inexpensive price. The fact you don't already make this apparent means you are at least attempting to deceive the hacker community or ignorant of the real problems in either case you should be paying me for this information. Also because you think the whole problem is your system and doesn't include social weaknesses implies you are drinking your own Kool Aid and a lack of the over all understanding of Security which you are probably not really investing in if you are like most corporation IPOs. My experience as a corporate person is that you you are probably controlled by accountants with no technical idea of long term goals that believe in a flat earth economically (don't really believe in paying for creative thinkers). i.e. Most highly creative thinkers want to avoid the Malthusian thinking that believes there is only limited corporate resources which is tightly tied to SOX and quarterly profits driving goals. In summary most highly successful crackers are not going to undermine their $10,000,000+ yearly income for $1,000,000 much less your trivial offering.

Johnny W. Long MSMISS

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