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Google to launch music streaming service in Q3


Google Music

Google is allegedly in talks to launch a music streaming service from Q3 of 2013.

According to the Bloomberg, which cites two people with knowledge of the project, Google "plans to start a subscription music-streaming service to challenge Spotify Ltd."

At present, Google is at the negotiation stage with major record labels to put the necessary licenses in place, which will enable users to stream their music direct to their devices without the need to purchase individual tracks.

Interestingly, Google is apparently also negotiating the use of licensed tracks in user-made YouTube videos.

Google's music subscription service is on course for a third quarter release, according to the report.

Google vs. Apple

Such a music subscription service would once again pitch Google into a direct head-to-head confrontation with Apple, which is generally accepted to be working on its own music subscription service.

Interestingly, though, the report mentions that the subscription service is being readied for both Android and non-Android devices, so Apple will likely have to face this Google music subscription service threat on its own platform.

Google is already in competition with Apple in the online music space having opened its own online music store through Google Play, and by opening up the Google Music service to allow the free uploading of your record collection into the cloud.

Of course, as the Google Maps debacle proved, sometimes having Google to back you up is a good thing - even when it is simultaneously your fiercest rival.

Based on Google's existing music service, are you excited by the prospect of a Spotify-like subscription offering from the big G? Let us know in the comments section below, or via the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds.


February 26, 2013, 12:49 pm

Considering the complete mess the Spotify Android app still is, a Google based service would be very welcome and I'd jump ship immediately!


February 26, 2013, 2:14 pm

Totally agreed. I already jumped ship from Spotify to Music Unlimited, but the app takes an age to start each time and you can't export playlists, which limits my enthusiasm for investing a lot of time in the platform. Hopefully, if Google enter the market, they will apply their "its your data" mantra in the same way they apply it to their other services.

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