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Google+ Set To Challenge Facebook And Skype

David Gilbert


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Google has launched its latest attempt to gain some traction in the social networking space with its Google project.

Google doesn’t have a great record with social networking projects with its Buzz project all but disappearing sicne launch. Now with Google it is set to take on Facebook and other social sites – though the Mountain View company itself doesn’t see this new project as a direct Facebook rival. Google is made up of four separate features: Circles, Spark, Hangout and Huddle. The project will initially be open to select bloggers and journalists and will be by invitation only.

Circles will allow users to create groups of friends (family, university, work etc) and share photos, news and videos with just those people, rather than sharing things with all their friends. “Not all relationships are created equal. So in life we share one thing with college buddies, another with parents, and almost nothing with our boss. The problem is that today’s online services turn friendship into fast food—wrapping everyone in ‘friend’ paper—and sharing really suffer,”

you’ll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends.” Hangout is a feature, which attempts to create a virtual pub, restaurant, kitchen table or wherever it is you get together with friends and family. It will allow for multi-person video calls and this is a feature which could see it become a direct competitor to Skype, if the service takes off.

Google Mobile

The final aspect of Google is Mobile, which includes location, photo and messaging features. From the Google mobile app, you will be able to add your location to every post - just like you can now with Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. Instant Upload will mean that if you have it preset, all photos will be automatically uploaded to a private album in the cloud, which can be shared with everyone or just certain Circles. Finally, Huddle is Google’s attempt at an instant messaging service that lets everyone in a particular Circle know what’s happening at once.

The mobile app is currently available in the Android Market (but again only if you’ve an invitation) with the iOS version coming soon. This is certainly a major push by Google to do something new in the “online sharing” space and it will only work if widely adopted. With the failure of Buzz still a sore point at Mountain View, Google could be its last shot at social network glory.

Source: Official Google Blog

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