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Google’s new PhotoScan app offers more than just photos of photos



Is there a company doing more to safeguard our photos than Google right now? First the company offered unlimited backups to everyone and their dog and now Mountain View is making it easier to digitise our old printed photos.

The new PhotoScan app, announced today, requires users to take four photos of the original which are then stitched together, colour corrected and cropped to form the digital backup.

That version of the photo is backed up to the cloud alongside everything else in your Google Photos library and they'll be handily tagged as 'scans.'

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This simple method could help safeguard memories that would otherwise be left to deteriorate in boxes over time.

Few folks have a flatbed scanner or the time to be messing about importing printed photos to a computer anymore so, although Google’s method might not be perfect, it sure beats not having a backup at all.

PhotoScan can be downloaded for iOS and Android today.

You can see a demonstration in the video below, alongside an explanation of how the technology works. Will you be taking PhotoScan for a spin? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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