Google Play Store Android L redesign leaked

Google is preparing to redesign its Google Play Store, giving it the Android L Material Design treatment.

That’s according to a new report anyway, which states that Google’s redesign for its apps store is already well under way for the Android L launch in the autumn.

Thanks to AndroidPolice sources, we’ve got a first look as to how the Material Design will affect the Play store via a number of images comparing the current offerings to the upcoming transformation.

Although its only content listings that have appeared to be significantly redesigned in this pre-release software, it’s interesting to see the effect of Android L.

The content listings are much more colourful and immersive than before, layering content while still offering the most important information in the forefront.

Hero images, such as the album art or logo for apps have that as their profile lead, while movies or TV series use their trailers for an expanded header.

The shots, taken from the Google Play tablet interface are a lot more bold and beautiful than before. The block colours for the various Play store sections are still there, but it’s a lot more subtle than before. Instead Google are obviously looking to offer a much stronger content-led feel.

What we can see here builds on that shown briefly when Android L was announced during the annual Google I/O Developers’ conference. There’s a lot more white space, but content descriptions, what’s new and other details all expand into full screen views, letting users have a lot more control as to what they are immediately presented.

It’s all looking a lot like the Android TV UI as well, but Google’s I/O Keynote did have a strong focus on increasing the cross-platform uniformity of the Android and Chrome experience. This is no doubt in response to the consistency felt when using iPhones, iPads and Macs, which Google is trying to achieve with its upcoming mobile OS.

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Android L Google Play store redesignAndroid L Google Play store redesign

Android L Google Play store redesignAndroid L Google Play store redesign

Android L Google Play store redesignAndroid L Google Play store redesign

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