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Google planning Android smartwatch


Google Smartwatch

Google is working on a smartwatch concept, according to a recent report, which will place it into yet more head to head competition with Apple and Samsung.

The report comes from the Financial Times, which cites "a person briefed on the project" as its source.

Interestingly, it's claimed that Google is not developing the concept within its experimental Google X Lab division, as would ordinarily be the case. Rather, the task has been given to the Android unit.

The decision makes quite a lot of sense when you consider the report's claim that a Google smartwatch would "act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system."

It's pointed out that Google actually filed a patent application for a wearable computer back in 2011, which was then approved in 2012. This filing describes a "smart watch" with a dual-screen "flip-up display" and a camera.

The filing states that the purpose of such smartwatch devices would be to access key information from your smartphone (incoming emails, calendar appointments etc.) at inconvenient times.

Google Smartwatch Rivals

This report follows on from Samsung's recent confirmation that it was working on a new smartphone concept, but the FT source states that the two projects are not linked.

This might suggest that Google has set its own hardware company, Motorola, the task of producing its smartwatch units.

It's been reported in recent months that Apple is also working on its own smartwatch concept, and has set a team of 100 designers on the task. Some feel that the result could be ready as early as this year.

Whose smartwatch are you most eager to see - Google's, Samsung's or Apple's? Let us know in the comments section below, or via the Trusted Reviews Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Tim Sneller

March 22, 2013, 11:03 am

I have had my Sony Smartwatch for about 6 months, and would not want to be without it now, although the last software update has a couple of annoying bugs,

Actionable Steps

March 23, 2013, 4:15 pm

I think that smartphones are the future... of epic fail :P
But then what do I know I don't even wear a watch!


March 25, 2013, 8:32 am

If they put a pulse sensor in the strap then I see the Fitness apps taking off in a big way. Also NFC please! Then we can use it as an Oyster card.
Hopefully Apple doesn't make the first one otherwise we'll have lawsuits and injunctions because a competitor has stolen their idea of a 'wrist worn device capable of displaying the time and other information'.

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