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Google patent reveals plans for language translation chat app


Google Translate

Google might be working on an app that would allow two people who speak different languages to chat in real-time.

A two-year old patent application that’s just been uncovered describes how two opposite-facing keyboards would be display on either end of a device, allowing mutually exclusive input.

The app would then use Google Translate to relay messages in the respective users’ languages, effectively allowing people to transcend language barriers to communicate with each other.

The patent is titled ‘display two keyboards on one tablet computer to allow two users to chat in different languages.’

We’re guessing it mentions tablets specifically because smartphone displays are too small to display two keyboards and two chat-boxes.

It’s an interesting idea, but we’re not yet convinced whether Google Translate is up to scratch to handle real-time translation.

Google Translate can often be inaccurate, especially with non-European, non-Latin based languages, which leads to iffy results.

Plenty of linguistic guesswork would likely be needed on the part of the users for something like this to find real-world application, but the fact that this patent exists could drive Google to up its game with Google Translate and improve translation output.

Of course there’s no telling whether Google will even make use of the patent and release an app as described in the plans.

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Via: BGR

David Colman

November 23, 2014, 3:09 pm

I have the Google Translate app on my phone, and I was just in Sao Paulo. I was in a store and the friend I was with had a very complicated question about something she wanted to buy. I whipped out my iphone, dictated the question into the GT field, and showed the answer to the saleswoman, who showed that she understood. Then she took my phone and spoke into it, and it translated the answer back to me very clearly. It was amazing!! Total game-changer. (And my friend bought the item, too.)

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