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Google Nexus 5 nears as Nexus 4 is taken from shelves

Luke Johnson


Google Nexus 4
Google Nexus 4

The Google Nexus 5 looks set to receive a Google I/O unveiling next week, with insiders claiming UK retailers have stopped selling the current Google Nexus 4.

Long rumoured to be the successor to the hugely popular but frequently supply chain hit Google Nexus 4, the Google Nexus 5 has been widely speculated to be another joint venture between Google and LG, with latest reports suggesting the handset could be unveiled as early as next week.

According to claimed industry sources, both Phones 4u and Carphone Warehouse have halted sales of the Google Nexus 4, a potential indication of a new model on the horizon.

Although the two well-known UK based smartphone retailers are said to have stopped sales of the latest Nexus handset, those keen to get their mitts on the high-end handset with the wallet appeasing price tag can still do so via Google’s official online outlet and direct from networks.

Google Nexus 5 Rumours

While Google has yet to formally acknowledge the existence of a Google Nexus 5 handset, recent leaks have suggested the eagerly awaited handset will touch down with an expansive 5.2-inch display in tow.

A handset to go head-to-head with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, the Google Nexus 5 is expected to be the launch device for the upcoming Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system.

Having previously been spotted on leaked internal documents, the Google Nexus 5 specs sheet looks set to be bolstered by a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM and the option of 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage options.

With a 3300mAh Lithium Polymer battery reportedly in tow, the Google Nexus 5 screen is said to pair 5.2-inches of OLED real-estate with a 1920 x 1080p Full HD resolution.

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May 10, 2013, 10:08 am

"Can’t wait for the Google Nexus 4? See which of its main rivals currently comes out on top in our Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One head-to-head."

I assume you guys mean 5 there? :)


May 10, 2013, 10:09 am


In other news, I think you've said Nexus 4 instead if Nexus 5 a couple of times in the last couple of paragraphs.


May 10, 2013, 10:11 am

Looks like we posted similar things at the same time.

I really hope LG put a good shooter in it this time (16mp is no indication of it being good, look at the Galaxy S4!).


May 10, 2013, 3:04 pm

I really doubt that the Nexus 5 will be out. Unless Google plans to release a Nexus 4 LTE and an updated Nexus 5 at the same time. That would be unprecedented.

So far all rumours point to a Nexus 4 LTE, Nexus 7 high res with S4 Pro processor, Google Babel, Bluetooth LE, Android Gaming Center (maybe), OpenGL 3.0. Can't think of many more.

I'm curious to see if there is a new Nexus 10. That tablet didn't do so well before. I think they should make it the same as the Asus Transformer Infinity wit the metal dock. I have that thing and I sold my laptop because of it. It's just so much better than just having a tablet: extra 128Gb storage, USB port, extra battery and a good keyboard to use.

Excited to see what they unveil regardless.

Bryan Lo

May 13, 2013, 2:54 am

Nexus 4 LTE would be very boring indeed. It's a cheap phone, so Google probably doesn't expect its buyers to be spending $100 per month for LTE. One could probably exemplify this trait of frugality by realizing that the N4 happens to have support for AWS, but not LTE, which if you think about it, contradicts the trend set by most modern and popular smartphones.


May 13, 2013, 1:33 pm

That's what I was thinking too. I don't think they stand to gain too much from a Nexus 4 LTE but then again, while I love the Nexus 4, I'm finding myself wishing I had 4G/LTE because the 3G/HSPA towers around here are slow and saturated with users. Sadly there is no HSPA+; that would have been perfect. I also filled up the phone with apps, music and movies. I had to delete all movies to have room for my pics/recorded videos, music and apps.

New Android games are at least 1-1.5Gb and I'm guessing Google did not anticipate that.. They can't store their files in the cloud.

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