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Google Earth Now Optimised For Tablets

David Gilbert


Google Earth Optimised For Android Tablets

Whatever you think about Apple and its competitors in the tablet market, the one thing that Apple is way out ahead in is the number of tablet specific apps available to its iPad customers.

Ok so Apple has had a year head-start on most of the competition but the lack of tablet-specific apps for Android or even worse the Playbook is a serious drawback for these platforms. Today Google has announced one new app optimised for Android Honeycomb in the form of Google Earth. As Google put it, when the application was launched back in 2005, “the thought of being able to cart around 197 million square miles of Earth in your pocket was still a distant dream.” Indeed it was, and the dream was realised last year when Google Earth for Android and today’s update promises to take full advantage of the larger screens and faster processors of tablets.


The update adds support for fully textured 3D building adding even more realism when you take a tour through London. There is also new action bar up top, enabling easier access to search, the option to “fly to your location” and layers such as Places, Panoramio photos, Wikipedia and 3D buildings. The new app is available for devices with Android 2.1 and above. The new tablet design is available for devices with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) or above. To download or update Google Earth, head to m.google.com/earth in your device’s browser or visit Android Market. For more information you can visit the Google Earth help centre.

It’s good to see Google begin to roll out more tablet specific apps but the Android tablet environment if far from bursting with such apps and we reckon it will be a while before the majority of the apps available take full advantage of the bigger screens and faster processors.

Source: Google Blog

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